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This is the study of the effect of the body on a given drug



Pharmacokinetics is the basis for determining the amount of a drug when

which remains in the body at any given time after administration


What does Pharmacokinetics allow us to determine

the proper dose and dosage interval to achieve a desired therapeutic drug concentration


What is the only measurement of drug concentration that can easily be made in humans

the concentration of a drug in the plasma after administration; assuming the effect of the drug is proportional to its concentration in the blood


What is the α phase

the movement from blood to other tissues; redistribution
ignore this phase in pharmacokinetics


What type of graph is the log of serum concentration over hours

biphasic distribution curve


What is meant by the "first-order kinetics" of the drug concentration

a constant fraction of the drug is removed per unit of time


What is meant by the "zero-order kinetics" of the drug concentration

a constant amount of drug is removed per unit of time, regardless of the concentration of the drug (for example; ethanol)


What is the β phase used to calculate

the half life of the drug


What is the half life of a drug

the amount of time it takes for the concentration in plasma to decrease by half


The rate of elimination of a drug is proportional to what

the elimination constant times the amount of drug left


This is the fraction of drug removed per unit of time

elimination constant (Ke)


What is the fundamental pharmacokinetic equation

0.693 = Ke (T½)


This is a value which enables us to predict how much drug must be given to obtain a specific plasma concentration of a drug

apparent volume of distribution (Vd)


If the drug is taken up by cells, then the initial plasma concentration will be low, what does this say about the apparent volume of distributuon

it will be very high


amount given (divided by) apparent volume of distribution (equals what)

plasma concentration at time 0


This is the volume of fluid which is cleared of the drug in unit time

drug clearance (CL)
CL = Ke (Vd)


Clearance is the measure of the ability of the body to do what

eliminate a drug from the blood


After a single dose of a drug, how long will it take for the drug to be 99% eliminated

5-6 half lives


What is the maximum amount and concentration of drug in the body at equilibrium

rate of administration = rate of elimination