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Following predetermined procedures and the provisions of the emergency response plan reduces _____ on the ____ ____ scene.

Chaos / Haz mat


The ERG is primarily a guide to aid emergency responders in quickly _______ the specific or generic hazards of materials involved in an emergency incident and protecting themselves and the public during the _____ _____ _____ of the incident.

Identifying / initial response phase


How can Awareness level personnel locate the appropriate initial action guide page using the ERG?

Identify the 4 digit UN id number (yellow bordered pages)
Use the name of the material involved (blue bordered pages)
Identify the transportation placard using the 3 digit guide code (Table of Placards section in front of the book)
Use the container profiles provided in the white pages (also use the container shape in the Orange pages


What does it mean of the material in the yellow or blue pages is highlighted?

Substance release is a toxic inhalation hazard. Yellow pages is the ERG ID Number Index


Blue pages of the ERG:

Provides an index of dangerous goods in alphabetical order. Also known as Material Name Index


Which section of the ERG is considered the most important?

Orange (Initial Action Guides). Left side is safety, right side of page provides guidance / activities for fire situations/leak incidents and first aid


The ERG Initial Action Guides (Orange Pages) is divided into 3 sections per hazard:

Potential Hazards
Public Safety
Emergency Response


List the 5 responsibilities Awereness-Level personnel are expected to assume:

Recognize the presence / potential presence of Haz material
Recognize the type of container at a site and identify the material
Transmit info to an appropriate authority and call for appropriate assistance
Identify actions to protect themselves and others
Establish scene control by isolating hazardous area / denying entry


Potential hazards section of the ERG describes potential hazards that the material _____ _______. Two types of hazards are addressed in separate sections: ________ _________ _____ _____ _____. The highest potential hazard listed ______. This section should be _____ _____ because it will assist in making decisions regarding the protection of individuals at the incident.

May display / health hazards and fire / explosion hazard / first / consulted first


The public safety section provides what information?

Information regarding immediate isolation of the incident site and recommended type of PPE and respiratory protection


Public safety section list the following type of information:

Recommended PPE / Respiratory protection
Evacuation distances


Evacuation from initial isolation zone when downwind should be conducted:

At right angles to the prevailing wind direction if possible


Where would you find information regarding what type of extinguisher to use in the ERG?

ERG Initial Action Guide (Orange Pages) under Emergency Response Section


T / F Awareness level personnel should handle / touch contaminated or potentially contaminated victims at hazmat incidents, provide first aid.



What is the green section of the ERG

Table of Initial Isolation and Protective Action Distances


The Green section of the ERG provides two different types of recommended safe distances:

Initial Isolation Distances
Protective Action Distances (downwind distance)


Will toxic concentrations spread over a larger area in the daytime or nighttime

Daytime due to the warmer more active atmospheric pressure during the day can disperse chemical contaminants more readily than the cooler, calmer conditions common at night.


What is the minimum distance for the initial isolation zone?

Always at least 100 ft.


If hazardous materials are on fire or have been leaking for longer than _____ _____, this _____ ______ ____ _____.

30 minutes / ERG table does not apply (Green pages Initial Isolation and Protective Action Distances


Where do you seek more information if the material has been leaking or on fire for more than 30 minutes?
A. Blue Pages
B. Orange Pages
C. Green Pages



What is one of the most important means by which Awareness / Ops level responders can do to ensure their own safety and the safety of others?

Isolation and scene control