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When does the concerned Deputy Chief review the Disability Monitoring List

At least two times a year (January and July)


What are the requirements for the Disability Monitoring list

Generally 3 shifts of disability for platoon duty or 5 days for 40 hr week, or a demonstrated questionable pattern of sick use


Who supervises the disability monitoring list

Concerned Deputy Chief


Who reviews the disability monitoring list

Appropriate BC or Division Commander


How long are you on the disability monitoring list

On the list until you have demonstrated good attendance for a 12- month period


When is authorized military leave during the calendar year

October 1st through September 30th


Who do you contact to access funeral leave

BC or immediate supervisor


What is the FSLA Period

A 27 day period that includes 9 working 24 hour shifts


How are Holidays accrued

120 hours annually earned of 10 hours per month


Maximums/Minimums for vacation scheduling

Max of 4 officers may be off duty, excluding BC and MSO
Min of 1 Haz Mat member
Min of 2 AOs
Min of 2 Tiller Os
Max of 5 Engrs off
Min of SA or ASA on shift
Min of 7 Truck members on shift


Who approves shift trades having more than 72 total shift trades in a month

At or above level of Deputy


Where are recall lists stored?

Fire Dispatch
Fire Headquarters
All Fire Stations
DCs, BCs and Captains are also issued recall lists


What is Recall

The notification if off-duty personnel to report back on duty in accordance with departmental emergency plans, a measure infreguently taken except to cope with extremely depleted resources. The notification process is done through the telephone sytem, requiring all employees to provide a reliable means by which they may be reached by phone.


Platoon employees reporting for duty more than ____ _____ _____ (failure to report) shall not be permitted to enter upon or perform their duties until cleared by the _____ _______. The tardy member and the concerned B/C shall forward separate reports through channels to the Chief of the Department describing the circumstances.

30 minutes late / Battalion Commander
200, Sec. 1, 4.6


Company officers shall, at _____ _____, inspect company employees for ______ to dress and _______ _______ and for fitness for duty (i.e. Clean shaven, proper uniform, etc.)

Roll call / conformity / grooming standards
200 Sec. 1, 6.1.4


What is the current minimum staffing?



____ ______ on duty, including the B/C or Acting B/C but not the MSO. EXCEPTION: ____ ______ on duty, including the BC or ABC but not the MSO are to be considered the minimum in the event that scheduling a _____ ______ on overtime would raise the shift staffing _____ _______.

6 Officers / 5 officers / sixth officer / above 48.
200, Sec 2, 6.3.1


Requests for transfers shall be forwarded in writing to the ___ _____ _____, through the recognized chain of command.

Concerned Bureau Commander
200, Sec 2, 6.5


Request for transfers at the platoon level may be held at the _____ ____ level until an opportunity for transfer is available. The y will then be forwarded to the _____ _____ for approval.

Battalion Commander / Bureau Commander
200, Sec 2, 6.5


Unable to report for duty due to injury or illness shall contact the on duty BC by ____ ______ on the day of his/her scheduled tour of duty. The BC or designee shall contact the member's ______ ______ and report the disability status. Immediate supervisors are urged to contact the _____ by telephone.

0715 / immediate supervisor / employee
200, Sec 3, 4.1


Duty related injuries/illnesses (______) shall be reported to Risk Management within _____ _____.

Exposures / 48 hours
200, Sec 3, 4.3.1


Where are FD 301 and IIIR forms located?

My Benefits HR Sharepoint site
200, Sec 2, 4.3.1


When an injury on shift occurs when is the 301 and IIIR form filled out?

Before the end of shift


If you are on the disability monitoring list, you must have your disability verify by ____ ____.

1200 hours, verified by the BC
200, Sec 3, 6.3


Injured or ill employees must telephone their immediate supervisor on the ____ ____ of each set of _____ ____, with a status report to include ______ and _____ since the last report.

First shift / three shifts / therapy and changes
200, Sec 3, 6.5


Injured / ill employees assigned to non-platoon duty must telephone their immediate supervisor when absent longer than ____ _____ ____ days, with a status report, as outlined in the CoB HR Policies and Procedures.

Three consecutive work
200, Sec 3, 6.6


Upon return to work from injury / illness when is the FD 301 submitted?

On the first day back from disability
200, Sec 3, 6.7


What is the purpose for the workers compensation claim?

Reviewing / Evaluating benefits and to evaluate types and causes of injuries, seek prevention measures and prevent similar accidents from happening in the future.
200, Sec 5, 5.3


T/F On the job injuries and a Worker's Compensation Claim are the same thing?

F - you can injure yourself without filing a claim if no DR is seen or no time is lost.
200, Sec 5, 6.1.1


Who distributes the necessary copies to Risk Management and the Training Division of the FD 301 forms?

Fire Department's Time Keeper


Where are Worker's Compensation Claim packets located?

In each Station
From the platoon BC
Training Division
Fire HQ
200, Sec 5, 6.1.3


Who is the city's preferred provider for on the job injuries?

Group Health Occupational Health Services
200, Sec 5, 6.1.5


Who's responsible to ensure that the injured employee is evaluated or treated at Group Health Occupational Health Services of the provider of the employee's choice for claims?

Employee's supervisor and a note that the supervisor's incident form is completed and filed
20, Sec 5, 6.1.7


Shift worker accrue ____ ___ of sick leave per completed calendar month or approved credit for ____ full shifts of work.

Personnel working 40 hr work week will accrue ____ ____ per calendar month.

12 hours / 8 hours
200, sec 5, 6.2.1


Do LEOFF 1 employees receive a cash out of their accrued sick time?



Emergency Leave (it is a request not an expectation to receive), when on shift request goes through _______; when off duty request goes through_______.

Immediate supervisor / On Duty BC
200, Sec 7, 6.1


When is the FD 311 (Emergency Leave Payback) form submitted?

Through channels to the BC no later than the last shift of the set following their return to duty. (Permanent record kept in the Battalion Journal)
200 Sec 7