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Check Sheets

FD-707x - Daily check sheets
FD-802 - SCBA daily check
FD-708x - Weekly/Monthly
FD-706x - Portable equipment (on Monday's as designated by Station Capt.)


Station Color Assignments

Station 1 - Yellow
Station 2 - Black
Station 3 - Red
Rescue 3 - Orange with a Red Stripe
Station 4 - Green
Station 5 - White
Station 6 - Blue
Station 7 - Orange
Station 8 - Gray
Station 9 - Lime Green
Explorers - Orange w/ black stripe


Appliance Testing

Nozzles and appliances tested at 300 psi for one minute
Manifolds are tested by the Small Equipment and Hose Repair Specialist


Station Captains and Division Commanders are responsible for submitted completed _______ records _______ to the Supply and Maint. Division by ______ of the current year
SOP 400, sec 10, 4.1

inventory; electronically; June 1st


Grant funded equipment is inventoried when

On a quarterly basis -Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct


How often are bulk loads rotated

Semi-annually (hose testing may account for one)


Hose Assignments

5" - 800' plus 3 or 4 25' sections
2 1/2" 1000'
1 3/4" 1100'
3" = 100'


Hose bundles changed when"

When wet or quarterly per Station captain's schedule


Hose & appliance testing

Between April - October


Under what conditions is hose to be tested

Subject to abuse, fire, unusual conditions or ran over


How is hose marked

Attack hose marked with 4" stripe of station color at the center of the section. Also, marked with year and section number in 2" numbers beginning 18" from each coupling. Supply hose marked vertically 6" from coupling with Station #


Fire hose testing:

400 psi for attack hose for 3 minutes
300 psi for supply hose for 3 minutes
220 psi for booster lines for 3 minutes
Appliance/nozzles at 300 psi for 1 minute


What constitutes a failure of hose testing

Leakage through the hose, appliances or at couplings
50' sections less than 45'


What month are chains checked for fit



What month are chains examined

April, looking for 50% wear


PPE is inspected when

At least twice a year: January by the CO and in the 3rd quarter by Training


Hydrant and Dot inspections and Map revisions shall be completed?

July 31st, Deputy Chief, Bureau of Support Services for Dots


Annual Inspections of facilities, apparatus, equipment and assigned personnel is scheduled when and with whom

During the 1st quarter of the year with a Chief Officer, respective Platoon Commander, Facilities Operations Specialist, and assigned Station Captain.


Who inspects driver's license and badges

Battalion and Division Commanders


When changes of street, hydrants, etc. who is notified

Notify Station Captain through channels, who will forward to the map specialist.


How do you mark your first in map when checking hydrant locations

Check mark means OK
RED X means the hydrant has been moved or deleted
Red Dot indicates a new hydrant location
All street revisions are indicated in red ink


Who makes up the Safety Committee

6 members-
Two selected by Fire Admin
Three appointed by the Local
The Dept. Safety Officer

Meeting on a quarterly basis


When missing department property is identified who is notified

To the Bureau Commander of Fire Chief for those who work directly under them on a red letterhead report


Body Armor Definition

Defined as a Second Chance Type II external jacket or comparable equipment


Knox Box key is inventoried when and through whom

Annually, maintained by the Fire Prevention Division and reported to the Fire Marshal by June


Requests for additional Knox Keys is requested how

Requests from the Fire Prevention Division shall be approved by the Commander, Bureau of Support Services


Knox box mounted height

Shall be 6 feet above grade unless approved by the Fire Marshal


The Apparatus Log book will be kept in each apparatus ________ and will serve as a _______, on-going record of ______ and maintenance needed or performed on the apparatus.
SOP 400, Sec 3, 4.4

permanently; permanent; services


List the Apparatus Log book sections:
SOP 400 Sec 3, 4.4.1 - 4.4.9

-Daily check sheets
-Daily SCBA check sheets
-Inspection Notes
-Weekly Apparatus checks
-Ladder Inspection
-Work Orders
-Mechanics Report
-Apparatus Inventory
-Certified Drivers List


Station emergency generators shall be operated ______, as programmed by ______ _______. Fleet Maintenance shall ______, _____ and load test the emergency generators.
SOP 400 ,Sect 4 4.0

weekly; Fleet Maintenance; maintain / inspect


Emergency generators are programmed to start and run for approx. ____ every ______ morning at or about _____ hours

SOP 400, Sec 4, 6.1

1/2 hour; Monday; 0900


What is the Station Emergency Generator check sheet



Completed check sheets (apparatus / generator) are sent to ______ _ ____ _____ at the ___ ___ ___ ___ for records retention.

SOP 400, sec 4, 6.2

Supply & Maintenance Division; end of the year


Semi- Annual Markers

Emergency generators


The on duty CO is responsible for ______ that all apparatus assigned to his/her station is ______ _____ and prepared for _____

SOP 400, sec 1, 6.30

ensuring; properly equipped; response


Any discrepancies (items not accounted for) on inventory shall be ______ ______ to the ____ _____. The CO shall _______ the descrepancy, _____ the deficiency in the ______, and report findings to the _____ _____. If items or inventory can't be accounted for, a _____ report shall be submitted through channels to the ______, ____ __ ______, explaining the last date and time the missing inventory item was last accounted for, and what circumstances could have contributed to the item missing.

SOP 400, sec 1, 6.27.1

immediately reported; Company Officer; investigate; record; daybook; on-duty BC; FD 225; Commander, Bureau of Operations


How long are check sheets retained at Supply and Maint.

SOP 400, sec 6, 4.3

period of 3 years, per City's retention policy


According to SOP 400, sec 7, 6.5 all nozzles and other appliances shall be tested at _____ ___ for ____ ____ except manifolds, which are tested to ensure the relief valve is set at ____ ____. Station Captains shall forward a copy of the test results to the _______________.

250 psi; one minute; 200 psi; supply and maint division


If after hours repairs are needed, the Company Officer shall notify:

1. On-duty BC
2. Wayne, Facilities Operations Specialist or Deputy Chief Bureau of Support Services, via phone, pager or email
3. Fleet Maint after hours shall normally be handled by the BC office. Should they be unavailable, it shall be handled by the CO
4. Shop personnel shall not be contacted directly by line personnel unless directed to do so by the Supply and Maint. Division, the BC office, or in the event emergency assistance is required when neither of the above available.


VIIR - vehicular incident investigation report is to be completed and submitted with in ____ _____ of any accident involving a COB vehicle.

SOP 400, sec 11, 5.4

two days


The findings of the VIRB (vehicular incident review board) become final w/out further notice after ______ calendar days unless the employee submits an appeal.

15 days


Vehicular incidents are kept on file with Risk Management for _____ years.

3 years


According to SOP 400, sec 12 ,6.3 appliances and nozzles shall be hydrostatically tested, capped with valves open at ____ ___ for one minute. As apposed to SOP 400, sec 7, 6.5 which states nozzles and other appliances shall be tested at _____ ____, except manifolds which is _____

300 psi; 250 psi; 200


Manifolds shall be tested by ___ _____ and ___ ____ specialist.

Small Equipment; hose repair


Hydrant clearance distances:
_____ _____ clear space shall be _______ around the circumference of fire hydrants except as otherwise required or approved. In order to allow for the use of proper water flow gates and other valves, the _____ of a hose outlet should be not less than _____ __ above final grade. In all cases where valves, gates, and other devices will not operate effecively, or when the center of the hose outlet is less than _____ above the final grade, a notation shall be made on the ____ ____ indicating a field review by the Utilities Dept. as necessary.
SOP 400, sec 21,,

3 Foot; maintained; center; 18 in.; 12"; hydrant log


The _____ _______ will be responsible for the coordination of ______/______ to hydrants by the appropriate water utilities provider.
SOP 400, sec 21,

Fire Marshal; repairs/modifications


Exterior fire station doors are to be kept locked ______ ____ _ ___. Apparatus bay doors shall be kept _____ unless personnel are ______ _____ and able to _______ the area.
SOP 400, sec 27, 6.1

24 hours a day; closed; working nearby; monitor


Cables, pulleys, rails, and rungs of aerial ladders shall be inspected for ____ and ______ on a ______ basis or every _____ hours of operating time, whichever comes first. These inspections shall be logged on the inspection form ______.
SOP 400, sec 28, 6.3.2

wear; tightiness; monthly; 10 hours; FD-811L


Body armor shall be worn by all responding personnel assigned to incidents dispatched or updated to be reported when:
SOP 400, sec 29, 4.1.1

1. assault, with or without a weapon
2. domestic violence occurrence
3. location where the presence of firearms, explosives or penetrating weapon in the hands of the public are known or probable.
4. location where explosive devices potentially exist
5. hostile crowd


Body armor shall be inspected during _____ _____ ____ for ______ and to ensure its ______ for use. Defects should be reported to the _____ ______.
SOP 400, sec 29, 6.5

weekly equipment checks; cleanliness; readiness; on-duty Company Officer


Per SOP 400 what are the Annual; Semiannual; Quarterly; Monthly due dates

Apparatus Inventories
Hoses, nozzles, appliance testing (between April - Oct)
Station Inspections (to scheduled in first quarter)
Knox Box Key Inventory by June each yr (Maintained by Fire Prevention and reported to Fire Marshal)
Annual Reports (Station Capts. submit by Feb 15)
Chains checked for wear (April)
Chains checked for fit (October)
Hydrants, dots, map revisions (due by July 31st)

Bulk beds rotated
PPE inspections (January by CO in first quarter, 3rd quarter by Training)
Generators checked (maintained by Fleet Maint)

Apparatus Waxed
Inventory of Grant Funded Equipment (Jan/April/Jul/Oct)
Hose bundles changed
VIRB meets

Station Safety Inspections


Who are accountable for the speed at which an apparatus travels?

COs / Act. COs are accountable for the speed at which they allow the apparatus to be operated, being very congnizant of the danger inherent in emergency response
Act 400, 6.2


What happens when railroad tracks are blocked?

The IC shall immediately notify dispatch, giving an estimate of duration. Dispatch shall immediately notify the railroad dispatcher.
400, sect 1, 6.13


When practical, apparatus shall not be ______ inside a structure. Station doors that are within ____ ___ of a fully extended dispenser hose shall remain _____ during refueling operations.

Refueled / 5 feet/ closed
Art 400, sec 1, 6.26


Who are items not accounted for on inventory reported to?

Immediately to the CO. The CO shall investigate the discrepancy, record the deficiency in the daybook, and report finding to the on duty B/C. If items can't be accounted for, a FD-225 shall be submitted through channels to the D/C of Operations, explaining the last date / time the missing item was last accounted for.
400, sec 1, 6.27.2


How many hours do all members received urging Initial Training with Aid Cars?

4 hours in Academy (1 hr of drive time)
A new member must have 4 hours of drive time on nonemergency driving.
Letter of recommendation from member's CO through channels to the Training Commander when additional 3 hrs completed.
400, sec 1, 6.31...


Who must approve of a new member to drive emergency on an aid car?

Indivdual's supervisor, Platoon B/C, B/C-Training
400, sec 1, 6.31.5


Admin Staff re-certification for driving staff vehicles?

Complete requirements every 4 years
400, sec 1, 6.35.1


Aid/Medic Unit Recert (EVIP0

2 hours of documented non-emergency drive time by an approved evaluator
Annual rodeo
Emergency drive evaluation by an approved evaluator


Where are monthly check sheet forms retained during the year?

At the Station, for the current year, in the Apparatus Log Book.
400, sec 6, 4.3


How long is the City's retention policy?

3 years
400, sec 6, 4.3


Where are hose records maintained?

Electronically in MAXIMO
400, Sec 7, 6.3


Where are the Aerial Ladder Tests filed?

Written report of the mechanical condition after each service test, filing one copy at the office of the S and M Division, one copy with the shop mechanic, and one copy at the assigned station of the apparatus.
400, Sec 7, 6.4


All apparatus shall be waxed at least ________, as scheduled by the _____ _______. When completed, a notation shall be made in the _____ ____ ____. Wax and cleaning products will be prescribed by the _____ ___ _____ _____.

Quarterly / Station Captain / Apparatus Log Book / Supply and Maint. Division
400, Sec 9, 3.7


Who does the CO coordinate with for service or repairs?

The Supply and Maint. Division and Battalion Commander
400, Sect 9, 5.2.2


When can the Shop personnel be contacted directly?

When directed to do so by the S/M Division, the B1 office, or in the event emergency assistance is required when neither of the above is available.
400, Sect 9 5,2,5


If involved in a vehicular incident during an emergency response:

1. Contact dispatch and request BPD and B1 to the scene
2. B1 shall assist w/ management of the accident scene and be responsible for-
A. Notifying the DC Bureau of Support Services
B. Notifying Risk Management Office
C. Coordinate with Supply and Maint Division
D. Advise the involved PD will respond
E. Leave a completed FD-700 Accident Info with involved motorists
400, Sec 11, 6.2


If involved in a Non-emergency traffic accident:

1. Contact dispatch and request BPD and B1 (Division Commander)


An investigation of all vehicular incidents shall be the responsibility of the ______ _____ or ______ ______. Written reports from the vehicle operators, back-up members when appropriate and vehicle officer shall be forwarded to the _____ _____, through channels.

on-duty Battalion or Division Commander / Bureau Commander
400, sec 11, 6.10


Who reviews all vehicular accidents?

VIRB, which shall include a DC, a rep from Risk Manager's Office, and two appointed members of the Department. Meet quarterly or at the request of the Fire Chief.
400, Sec 11, 7.1


Report of findings from the VIRB timelines:

Findings become final 15 days after, unless an appeal is submitted
The Board will consider the appeal at the next quarterly meeting
Final appeal determination will be by the VIRB within 5 days of the appeal meeting
400, sec 11, 7.3.2


What are the washer extractor program settings?

01 Turnouts
02 Color laundry
03 White laundry
04 Sanitizer
400, Sec 16, 6.2.1


The regular washing machine has ____ ______ on the detergent dispenser. ____ for normal washing and _____ which has bleach for white laundry.

Two settings / F-1 / F-2
400, Sect 16, 6.2.2


What's the minimum pressure to be applied for installing hydrant dots?

1500 pressure pounds for minimum of 6 seconds


What color are Private Hydrants?

Normally RED
400, Sec 21, 5.1


Who is responsible for the coordination of repairs/modifications to hydrants by the appropriate water utilities provider?

Fire Marshal
400, Sec 21,


Utilities will maintain an up-to-date record of all hydrant inspections performed. These records will be kept for ____ _____.

Four years
400, Sect 21, 6.5.2


Station captains will submit annual reports that summarize the past year's activities by ____ _____. The report shall also include the station goals for the new year.

Feb 15
400, 23, 6.4


How often are fluorescent light tubes collected?

Annually (by the Supply and Maint Division)
400, 23, 6.8.2


Engineers are required to report the suspension of their Wa. State Driver's License immediately to:

The Fire Chief of the Department through the chain of command
400, sec 24, 6.4


How often are SCBA cylinders hydrostatically tested?

Every 5 years


What are the references for our Safety Program

NFPA 1500 Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program
NFPA 1501 Fire Department Safety Officer
WAC 296-305-01505
CoB Accident and Injury Prevention Program
CoB IAFF, Local 1604 Contract
400, Sec 25, 3.0


The Safety Committee wall respond to an employee's written safety Conner within ______ ____ of the meeting at which it is reviewed.

Two weeks


When working on, or near, electrical lines, the following minimum working clearances shall be observed (aerial ladder):

1. Lines rated below 50 kv, 10 feet from the lines and equipment
2. Lines above 50 kv, 10 ft plus 0.4 inch for each kv
3. Low voltage (750 volts or less) the work shall be performed in a manner to prevent the firefighters from contacting the energized conductor.
400, sec 28, 6.2.3