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What is the Training Division responsible for:

Providing, supporting and facilitating job-specific training. In addition, Training Division supports, monitors and maintains documentation and certain records pertaining to training activities and skill certs


Multiple RMS entries can be made for training which encompasses up to ____ disciplines or skills



Training of department personnel is the _____ ______ activity that the department performs.

most important


Training is designed to ....

maintain existing skills and learn new ones


Company officers assigned to ______ ______ shall conduct not less than one practical training session each shift which focuses on the fundamentals of firefighting. These include but not limited to....

Operations Bureau
Donning SCBA
Raising/lowering ladders
Operating power equipment
Search and Rescue techniques
Operating Hoselines


Training should be _____ and _____

qualitative and quantitative


Training is driven by _____ not ______

competency not time


A minimum of _____ hours of night drills per company shall be conducted _____________

8 hours; during the year.


The focus of night drills shall be in the ......

core areas of hose drills, line placement and use of SCBA/ladder/rescue operations


Company officers shall schedule night drills for their respective companies at least.....

semi-annually. The BC shall be informed.


Multi-agency drills shall be conducted at a minimum of ______ multiagency ______ _______.

one ; semi-annually


Training drill sheets shall be completed by ______ on a monthly basis and forwarded to _______ ____________________.

Company Officers; Training on or about the first of each month.


What is the performance review worksheet used for probationary firefighters

FD 615, completed for each of the two months preceding the performance review.


Completed performance appraisal forms are due to ______ ______ on the employee's _____ _____

Human Resources; merit date


Companies who fail to perform the assigned evolutions within the maximum time allowed shall be re-evaluated....

with in 30 days, with their respective BC notified


What is the NFPA that the BFD embraces for company drills

NFPA 1410


What are the infraction and associated penalty for company drills

FF evolutions minor - 5 secs
FF evolutions major - 15 secs
Safety minor - 15 secs
Safety major - 30 secs


When is the time period to file the FD 680 (Driver Operator Application)

Decembe 1st - 31st of each year


What is the time parameter to submit a post training report

Within two weeks of the training


All employees shall submit a completed training packet through the chain of command at least ______ weeks prior to the departure date.

3 weeks


What is included in the training packet?

Completed Training Attendance request form
Course Program Description
Course Agenda
Course Registration Form


All appropriate receipts must be submitted to ____ ______ within _____ _____ of the completion date to reconcile advanced travel.

Fire Administration; 10 days


What form is used for a post training report and what is included

FD 226 -
Title of Conference/Seminar
Date of Attendance
Overview of the training received and its value
Recommendations for other members to attend or not to attend in the future.