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Shall encompass the tasks undertaken by the first arriving company with only one team assigned or operating in the hazerdous area.

Definitions: Initial stages
SOP 700, Sect 2, 5.2


The beginning of a fire; where the oxygen content in the air has not been significantly reduced and the fire is producing minute amounts of water vapor, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other gasses; the room has a normal temperature and can be controlled or extinguished with a portable extinguisher or small hose, ie kitchen stove fire.

Definitions: Incipient Fire
SOP 700, Sect 2, 5.0


The physical activity of fire suppression, rescue or both, inside of buildings or enclosed structures which are involved in a fire situation beyond the incipient stage.

Definitions: Interior structural fire fighting:
700, Sec 2, 5.3


Definitions: Rapid Intervention Team:
700 Sec 2, 5.4

On-scene team of at least two members designated, dedicated and equipped to effect an immediate rescue operation if the need arises.


Definitions: Risk Management
700, Sec 2, 5.5

In addition to the continuous evaluation of the risk/reward potentials apparent during emergency operations, also includes evaluation and adoption of policies by the fire department relating to safety equipment, training, specific safety practices and requirements and to operational procedures.


Definitions: Special operations
700, Sec 2, 5.6

High risk, low frequency incidents such as hazardous materials responses, confined space rescue, high angle, heavy rescue, and trench rescue responses.


Definitions: Standby member
700 Sec 2, 5.7

Fully equipped with appropriate protective clothing, equipment and SCBA; aware of status of firefighters in hazardous areas and in active communications. May perform other duties if not inconsistent with their ability to participate in rescue operations or ability to be in constant communication with entry teams.


Definitions: Evaluation Unit

located in rehab/staging area for the purpose of quickly evaluating the mental and physical condition of on-scene firefighters. Firefighters requiring medical intervention are normally transferred to the treatment unit.


Definitions: Rehab Officer

Officer or member in charge of the management of the rehab function. The rehab officer will normally be filled by the MSO or the first in EMS officer


Definitions: Rehabilitation

The process of mental and physical assessment and revitalization of members while engaged in emergency ops.


Definitions: Treatment unit

Medic or aid unit assigned to the Rehab unit. Treatment of patients is performed via current EMS Guidelines and protocols.


Definitions: Base

A remote location, at least 200' from the involved structure, under the command of an officer, or other designated member, where resources (personnel and equipment) are gathered but not available for immediate action. Normally base will be used as an apparatus parking area organized to allow the efficient ingress and egress of units assigned to the incident (ie angle parking).


Definitions: Command Post

Operating location for the IC


Definitions: Fire attack team

A team (s) of two or more companies properly equipped (turnouts, SCBAs, 2-1/2" bundles, or 1 3/4" wyed bundle and forcible entry tool) reporting to a group, division or IC and responsible for direct attack on the fire floor (s). Other functional teams may also be established (Vent Team, Rescue/Extrication Team). Any designated team will always be comprised of at least two (2) companies. Additional resources can be added to teams making them into Groups, Divisions, Strike Teams, Task Forces.


Definitions: High Rise Building

Shall mean any building having floors more than 75' above the lowest level of FD vehicle access.


Definitions: Low Pressure Blgs.

High-rise buildings that are 20 floors or less are pumped at 175 psi when the FDC is not labled.


Definitions: High Pressure Bldgs.

High-rise bldgs whose FDC is labeled with a pump pressure of 250 psi or greater will be supplied at the pressure on the FDC utilizing a Tandem Pumping Evolution.


Definitions: Lobby Control

An ICS position where assigned personnel control the access area of a building by documenting personnel and material resources as they are moved from "Base" to "Staging", and who provide direction to personnel as to the safest means of accessing "Staging".


Definitions: Staging

A designated area under the command of a staging area manager, officer, or other designated member, where resources are ready for immediate assignment when required by the IC. It is an established area for the controlled management of personnel, equipment and rehab. In high-rise situations staging shall normally be located two (2) floors below the fire floor unless otherwise determined by the IC.


Definitions: Tandem Pumping

A short relay where two pumpers share the workload. The supply pumper (the pumper taking water from the hydrant) pumps into the intake of the pumper at the FDC. The pumper at the FDC boosts the pressure of the water even higher to meet fire flow/bldg pressure requirements. This method is used when high pump pressures are required to supply an adequate amount of water to the upper floors of a high rise bldg.


new one test



Definitions: Emergency

The potential for loss of life or signifiant property damage.


Definitions: High Sustained Surface Winds

45 mph or mor for 10 minutes or longer in defined response areas


Definitions: High Winds

Any wind which exceeds the threshold of 30 mph and may include other contributing conditions, such as wind direction and soil saturation that may contribute to exacerbating the hazard. COs must user their own judgement for wind conditions in their response areas.


Definitions: HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter

A filter which removes from the air 99.7% or more of particles having a mean particle diameter of 0.3 micrometer.


Definitions:Immediate Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH)

Any atmosphere that poses an immediate hazard to life or produces immediate irreversible debilitating effects on health.


Definitions: Oxygen Difecient

An atmosphere containing less than 19.5 percent oxygen by volume
or has a partial pressure of 148 millimeters of mercury or less.


Definitions: Carbon Monoxide (CO)

An odorless, tasteless, non-irritating, but toxic gas, produced by the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels (natural gas, LPG, oil, wood, charcoal, etc.)


Definitions: Particulate Matter

A suspension of fine solid or liquid particles in air, such as dust, fog, fume, mist, smoke, or spray


Definitions: Post Fire OPs

All operations occurring at the scene of a fire after extinguishment, including but not limiting to salvage, overhaul, investigations, and fire watch.


Definitions: Salvage

The act of preventing damage to property by water, smoke, or other products of combustion.


Definitions: Overhaul

The act of perforoming a thorough search for and extinguishment of fire that may exist within the structure or area of operations.


Definitions: Traffic Safety Vests

ANSI/ISEA 207-2006 recommends florescent and retro-reflective garments for emergency workers.


Definitions: Code Blue

Will be used by Fire Dispatch to alert fire personnel of a bomb threat. - Such request will have a BC, Engine and Aid Car


Reasons to call for a Fire Investigator

-All known or suspected incendiary (arson) fires
-A fire related injury or fatality has occurred.
-All fires with a significant ($10K or more) fire loss, except vehicle fires
-If the complexity of the fire is beyond the IC's capabilities to determine the origin or cause


Definitions: Administrative Staff

For the purposes of this article, admin staff are those employees who are assigned to City Hall. This can include FD employees who may be in meetings at City Hall


Definitions: Disaster

A disaster shall be deemed any event that exhausts or overwhelms the resources of the public safety services of the City


Definitions: Safe Area

Planned site for relocating personnel, apparatus and equipment that is proximal to the regular station location which is believed to be on stable ground and safe from the earthquake, or other hazards. Potential building collapse, falling trees, power lines, effects of flooding, or other secondary effects such as vapor clouds shall be considered.


Definitions: Resource Emergency

A change in normal dispatching protocols due to existing or impending high demand for department resources. Provides that incidents will be initially handled with single resources and these resources may be further restricted by the on-duty BC to operations only in specific geographic areas. Additional resources will be added to alarms only at the request of the IC or a higher authority. Other modifications to dispatching protocols may be directed by the BC or higher. A Resource Emergency may be declared by either the FD or by Fire Dispatch.


Definitions: ALS Strike Team

2 ALS units and one MSO


Definitions: Haz-Mat Strike Team

One Haz Mat team assembled for deployment to a specific location. Includes one haz-mat unit on incident assigned to Chief Officer.


Definitions: Strike Team/Task Force Leader

BC supervise the resources assembled for a specific mission.


Definitions: Strike Teams

Made up of 5 like units such as ladder/truck strike team: 5 truck or ladder companies and one chief officer (who functions as the Strike Team Leader).


Definitions: Task Force

Comprised of 3 engine companies, 1 truck company, 1 aid unit and 1 Chief Officer (who functions as the Task Force Leader).


Definitions: Contaminant

A harmful, irritating, or nuisance material foreign to the normal atmosphere


Definition: Hazardous Atmosphere

Any atmosphere, either immediately or not immediately dangerous to life or health, which is oxygen deficient or which contains a toxic or disease producing contaminant.


Definition: Passport Colors

White - Primary Passport kept under the bill of helmet
Red - Back-up Passport kept on the door or dashboard of the apparatus
Green - Reserve Passport used during multiple alarm shift changes and temporary replacement for lost primary and back-up passports


Definition: Civil Disturbance

Any mob action or threat, related to acts of arson, violence, riot, rebellions, insurretion, or other unlawful action by various organized or unorganized groups.


Definition: Impact Area

That area defined by geographical boundaries where the emergency activity is taking place.


Definition: Medical Tactical Team (MED TEAM)

A group of resources with common communication and a leader temporarily assembled for specific medical missions. Med Teams shall normally consist of 1 aid unit or medic unit, 1 engine co, and 1 MSO.


Definition: Tactical Team (TAC TEAM)

A group of resources with common communications and a leader temorarily assembled for a spicific mission. Tac Teams shall normally consist of 2 engine cos, 1 aid unit, and 1 BC


The ICS shall be ______ ___ ___ ______ ____.
SOP 700 Sec 1, 6.1

implemented on all emergency incidents


It is the _______ of the ______ _____ _____ to initiate the ICS
SOP 700, Sec 1, 6.2

responsibility; first arriving officer


The policy of the Fire Suppression Operations include: The goals of fire suppression operations shall be to _____ _____ and reduce suffering of people _____ by ____ (including those assigned to suppress it), to ____ and _____ fires quickly and effectively, and to _____ ______ _____ from fire and the effects of fire control operations to the extent consistent with Fire Personnel Safety.
SOP 700 Sec 2, 4.1

save lives; endangered; fire; control; extinguish; minimize property damage


Officers shall be ever ______ of their ______ for the _____ of their subordinates.
SOP 700, Sec 2, 4.7

mindful; responsibilities; safety


At technical rescue incidents, the IC shall assign what two safety officers
SOP 700, Sec 2, 4.9

ISO and a TSO (Technical Safety Officer)


The TSO is assigned to:
SOP 700, Sec 2, 4.9

monitor the technical aspects of the incident and to work in cooperation with the ISO


Press releases regarding FD operations at emergencies shall only be made by the ____, ______ _____, ____ ____ (regular or acting), ____ ____ ___, or the ______ _____.
SOP 700, Sec 2, 4.12

Chief, Deputy Chief, Battalion Commander, Community Liaison Officer, Fire Marshal


Who shall be notified for fires that occur in restaurant and or lounges?
SOP 700, Sec 2, 4.16

The Health Department


The IC shall be responisble for developing a ____ __ ____ by establishing incident ____ and _____.
SOP 700, Sec 2, 6.4

plan of action; goals; objectives


The goals and objectives developed by the IC shall condsider:
SOP 700, Sec 2, 6.4

Personnel Safety;
Accomplishing Rescue;
Property Conservation;
Shall be communicated to other units on the fireground as required for effective tactical operations


Assignments and orders given to units operating at an incident, by radio, shall be transmitted directly, _____ __ ____.

unit to unit


The IC, when designating a Rapid Intervention Team, shall indicate:

the fire ground location to which they are to deploy.


Engine company operations shall normally involve, but not limited to, the following: _______, use of initial hose lines, use of ____ ____, water supply, ______ _______, heavy steam development, tactical use of fire protection systems, _______, _______.
SOP 700, Sec 2, 6.13

Rescue; back-up lines, exposure protection, ventilation, overhaul


Ladder company operations shall normally involve, but not be limited to, the following: _______, ________, laddering (ground or aerial), _____ ____, checking fire extension, ______, ladder pipe ops, utility control, ______.
SOP 700, Sec 2, 6.14

Rescue, Ventilation, Forcible entry, Salvage, Overhaul


According to SOP 700 Sec 2, 6.24, Possible TIC applications include, but are not limited to (7 items):

1. Initial Size-up;
2. Primary Search;
3. Search and Rescue;
4. RIT;
5. Determining location and extent of fire;
6. Assist in identifying flashover conditions;
7. Overhaul


Companies involved in fire containment operations or who are checking for fire extension shall carry:
SOP 700, Sec 2, 6.25

a forcible entry tool, axe and pike pole, and have a charged hose line available


If companies involved with ventilation, what tools shall they carry:

rubbish hook and pike pole


In a first alarm response involving multiple units, subsequent units shall standby uncommitted. If utilizing the MDC, when do the subsequent units notify the IC of their standby status?
SOP 700, Sec 2 6.30

after one minute


Where is the rehab unit located?
SOP 700, Sec 3 4.4

Normally located adjacent to or in close proximity to the staging area


When released from Rehab where do units go?
SOP 700, Se 700, 4.6

Will be to Staging, and then utilization of units will be as needed by IC


Where are spare SCBA bottles brought?
SOP 700, Sec 3, 6.2

rehab/staging area


With Rehab monitoring members undero a physical exam. What is the core temperature threshold, Pulse, and BP that triggers to move the member to a treatment area:
SOP 700, Sec 3, 6.5.2

Temp of 103 degrees or higher:
Pulse greater than 130;
BP with a systolic pressure of less than or equal to 100 or systolic pressure over 160 and/or diastolic pressure over 100.


For high rise bldgs, who establishes Lobby Control?
SOP 700, Sec 4,

Third arriving Engine


The second arriving Ladder Comany shall ______ at _____ level if on initial dispatch unless otherwise directed by the IC.
SOP 700, Sec 4, 6.1.8

standby; Lobby


For high rise buildings who establishes BASE?

4th arriving engine


If the building is a high rise building, unlabled, what is the pressure to be supplied?

175 psi


With a high rise evolution, who brings 1 3/4" bundles?
SOP 700, Sec 4,

3rd arriving engine company (Lobby Control)


The first unit to reach the proposed STAGING Floor will report:
SOP 700, Sec 4, 6.5.2

Suitability for staging;
Any update in situation;
Verify that they are proceeding to the fire floor


The first unit to reach the fire floor will report (for High Rise Evolution):
SOP 700, Sec 4, 6.5.3

1. Fire conditions;
2. Smoke conditions;
3. Rescue situation;
4. Action being taken;
5. Additional assistance required;
6. Fire attack stairwell


If a building is unprotected, can elevators be used. If not, when can the elevators be used.
SOP 700, Sec 4,

Elevators can not be used until the extent of fire is determined and elevator use is approved by IC


High Rise evolution: each elevator operator shall be equipped with:
SOP 700, Sec 4,

SCBA, water extinguisher, flashlight, forcible entry tool, and when available a sound powered handset