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The efficient assignment of subordinates to a supervisor is referred to as:

Span of control (3 - 7 subordinates with 5 preferred)
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A company officer's priorities are based primarily on the:

Mission statement of the organization
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Anyone who is responsible for the activities of on or more subordinate employees.

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There are three levels of priority the company officer should recognize activities to be categorized into:

Emergency Response
Preparation for emergency response
Organizational duties
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Examples of a proactive approach anticipating personnel problems:

Counseling with employees
Listening to grievances
Suggesting solutions

Always start with being a good listener
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How can a company officer get members of the unit work more efficiently and effectively toward a common goal?

Communicate goals and objectives clearly and provide periodic progress reports (feedback).
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What are the three ways supervisors can involve employees in the process of establishing goals and objectives?

Simply require the employee to accomplish a specific task
Delegate tasks
Use democratic leadership principles
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Creating job interest: the informal process of giving motivational direction, positive reinforcement, and constructive feedback to employees in order to maintain and improve their performances and ensure successful performances is:

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Creating job interest: Formal process that involves activities that assist participants in identifying and resolving personal, behavioral, or career problems that are adversely affecting performance is:

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Creating job interest: Process used to prepare capable individuals for advancement within the organization through the direction of a positive role model is:

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Counseling should occur in _______, and a ______ should be kept of the session.

Private / record
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Describing the current performance, describing the desired performance, gaining a commitment for change and following up on the commitment are steps for:

Counseling employees
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Providing role models for future leaders, guidance in career choices, assisting in gaining specialized training, providing outside resources, making challenging work assignments and monitoring the achievements of subordinates are steps to:

Mentor employees
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A company officer leads ___ _______ and must adhere to a standard of ethical, ______, and legal behavior that _________ subordinates to do the same.

By example / moral / motivates
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A lack of _________ will ultimately ______ a company officer's authority and ability to lead.

Consistency / undermine
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How can constructive feedback be easier to handle?

When accompanied with praise
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Why must a supervisor remain relaxed when delegating tasks?

This demonstrates the officer is confident and comfortable with the ability of the person who is assigned the task
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