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What information is included for commendation letters, when initiated in writing and forwarded through the chain of command to the Chief of the dept.
SOP 500, Sec 6.1

Date, time, location, pertinent facts and witnesses to the act/acts of commendations


The Advisory Board will be comprised of three employees as follows:

SOP 500, sec 5, 4.0

Chief Officer (D/C) will be Chairman of the board
An employee chosen by the Chief of the department
An employee chosen by the employee charged


The system of discipline outlined herin is based on the principal that effective discipline is aimed at _______ ________ behavior and is not based upon ______ for ______ sake.
SOP 500, Sec 1.0

correcting unacceptable; punishment for punishment's sake


In the context of discipline reinforcing behavior and performance standards expected of all employees through example/instruction that develops self-control, character, orderliness and efficiency; what are the two basic categories:
SOP 500, Sec. 5.0

1. Commendation of exceptional performance
2. Action to correct unacceptable behavior


Who shall be responsible for supervision of disciplinary actions and report directly to the Chief of the Dept:
SOP 500, Sec 6.1

A Deputy Chief


For a subordinate preferring charges against a supervisor, where shall the action be initiated:
SOP 500, Sec. 6.2

Through the accused's immediate supervisor


What form is completed for written corrective disciplinary actions:
SOP 500, Sec 6.2

FD 305


What form is used as a written reprimand?

FD 312
500, Sec 4, 6.2


What are the suspension periods?

4 hrs, 8 hrs, 12 hrs, 24 hrs, more than one shift (up to 240 working hours in a 12 month period)
500, Sec 4, 6.4


What offenses may receive a penalty of dismissal on the first offense?

Theft, Criminal Conduct
500, Sec 6, 6.0