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Definitions- Team A consists of :

the officer, tiller operator and firefigher


Definitions - Team B consists of

Aerial operator and pump operator


Ladder truck has a hydraulic ladder _____ ____ in length consisting of ______ sections and are constricted of metal with beams of a ______ _____ type construction. The truck carries ground ladders in excess of _____ ___ in total length.

100 feet; 4; truss bridge; 200 feet


No one will be permitted to climb an aerial until the operator indicates the ladder is _____ ____ ______.

safe for climbing


Due to moving the ladder while members are on is extremely danderous, when can this be done?

in the event of an emergency and avoided if possible.


The aerial ladder is only as _____ as the ____ ____ and ____.

good; aerial operator; crew


What is the best method for removing ice from the aerial ladder

use of a steam hose


When utilizing an aerial ladder pipe operation, where should members control the nozzle

From the turntable or the ground


When supplying the water pipe, what is the psi and gpm

195 psi to the manifold for 5" flowing 800 gpm


When chocking the wheels on the ladder truck, how much spacing is left between the wheel and the chock

1 inch


When setting up a ladder pipe evolution, where is the aerial placed

To the right side of the tiller cab when facing FROM the tractor


The confined space communications system on the Ladder Truck, is designed to meet the needs of _____ personnel. What are the assignments

6 personnel
2- in
2- out
Safety Attendent
Communications Monitor


The SABA (Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus) system contains _____ _____ _____ ______ which are used separately so that one bottle may be used while another is being changed out.

TWO 45-minute SCBA bottles