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The fundamental role of a paid professional fire department is to _____ ____ and reduce _____ ____

save lives; property loss


The basic mission of the Engine Company is to apply water to the ____ __ ___ ____ in coordination with __________, _______, and other fireground activities.

seat of the fire; ventilation; rescue


T/F - Many fire officers conclude that tactics and water flow can only be determined by experience.



There are 14 points the Company Officer should be thinking about enroute to or after arriving on scene:

Location of the fire;
Fire Extension;
Life Hazard;
Time of Day;
Construction Type;
Building Height;
Area of Fire Involvement (L X W, as relates to fire flow estimates)
Internal Systems;
Water Supply;


If the first-in officer is faced with a 'confirmed' rescue situation, the officer will:

-Announce 'Rescue Mode'
-Perform a rapid size-up and risk assessment
-Initiate interior fire attack and rescue, if possible


Rescue requires _______ ______; a removal implies _______ the occupants ______ ____ ________ is addressed.

immediate actions; assisting; after fire suppression


What is the basic Engine Company job description:

To quickly provide a sustained, adequate fire stream where it is needed.


What is the definition of an adequate fire stream

90% of its volume in a 15" diameter and 75%of its volume in a 10" diameter and stiff enough to attain height or distance in a fresh breeze with no wind blowing, enters a window with enough force to splatter the ceiling


In the real world, what is an adequate fire stream

Has enough FLOW and REACHES the seat of the fire


The seat of the fire is also known as the _____/_____ interface, and becomes critical during fire suppression using _____ __ foam.

fuel/flame; Class A Foam


To improve our capabilities, the BFD has purchased equipment and adopted procedures to ensure our companies have the ability to succeed:

-Specifically develop adequate fire streams when and where we need them, we use low pressure nozzles and bulk beds.
-Equipment/Evolutions are designed for deployment by a 3-person engine company


What are the low pressure combo nozzle characteristics:

-Single gallonage, constant flow nozzle providing adequate flows at less than 100 psi, creating a more maneuverable line
-Developed by FDs
-Larger droplets; less misting
-More economical


List the features of the 1 3/4" nozzle

-Combination breakaway tip
-High Flow control valve
-Fog tip flows 150 gpm at 75 psi
-Remove fog tip, converts to 15/16" solid stream flowing 180 gpm at 50 psi
-Carried on all 1 3/4" hose beds / bundles


List 2 1/2" fog nozzle features:

-2 1/2" x 2 1/2"control valve
-2 1/2" to 1 1/2" reducer (no breakaway)
-Combo tip flows 250 gpm at 50 psi
-Transverse and skid loads


List the features of the 2 1/2" solid stream nozzle:

-2 1/2" by 2 1/2" control valve
-Stream shaper
-2 1/2" by 1 1/4" solid tip
-Carried on all reverse beds (rear 2 1/2" bulk beds)


Fog Attack was originally use for:

-Extinguishing fires in unoccupied, unventilated bldgs
-In the pre-SCBA era
-For shipboard fires


In the era since fog attack was developed, FFs have been recognized as people, and therefore may be considered as _________ of a building. In addition, aggressive _______ has counteracted the effects of ______ in this type of attack. The introduction of _____ __ foam and extinguishing agents has further diminished the ______ of a fog combination attack.

occupants; ventilation; steam; Class A; desirability


Advantages of a direct fire attack with straight or solid streams

-Better visibility, better work environment
-Bigger droplet size allows more water to be delivered
-More water on fuel/flame interface (seat of fire)
-Less steam, less steam burns to FFs
-Less pushing of fire into uninvolved areas of structure
-Quicker and more definite knockdown


Hose design is not geared toward a ____ _____, off the ____ of the apparatus.

quick attack; rear


PACT stands for

-Pike Pole, rubbish hook
-Attic ladder


Fire attack teams should have staffed ______ ____ in place to _____ the _____ of the attack teams and ______ ____ from getting _____ them.

backup lines; protect; egress; prevent fire; behind


Discuss the 10 advantages of the current hose beds:

-Designed for easy deployment of 3-member crew
-Multi-Story and large area bldgs require hose stretches longer than 150' preconnects
-Bulk beds meet the need for extended stretches with typical staffing levels
-Focus of getting the first line into operation. Stats show that fire is usually extinguished, or its extension stopped, with the first line laid
-Speed is critical
-Operations centralized to the rear of the engine, keeping the pump panel work area free of obstructions
-Engine can be spotted where it's more tactically correct to do so, vs spotting close for preconnect
-Engine can be spotted on the hydrant when practical to do so
-Quicker deployment if initial attack line
-Quicker overhauling of supply line