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What are the 8 departments that comprise EMTG

Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Northshore, Woodinville, Bothell, Shoreline


The procedures outlined in Best Practices are designed for the _______ ________ of resources during the first ______ ______ of an _________ ________ attack operation.

initial deployment; 10 minutes; offensive fire


The intent of the Best Practices documents to be a _______ _______ that is open to ______ and _______, to truly capture what is the best practice as realized over time.

living document; review and revision


It is critical that Company Officers maintain ______ ______ and if necessary advise the IC if their assignment is unsafe, unwise, or if there is a higher incident ______ that needs to be addressed.

situational awareness; priority


Ultimately, the incident will be managed by a _____ _____ in whose ______ it is occuring. That transfer should occur in a manner and at a time that does not have a _____ _____ on the operation of the incident.

Chief Officer; jurisdiction; negative impact


What are 4 types of Single-Family Dwellings

2-Story Homes
Split Level homes
Homes with Daylight Basements


What are the 3 Multi-Family Dwellings in BPs

Garden Apartments
Interior Hallway Apt Bldgs


In BPs what are the Commercial Bldgs considered

Strip Malls
Large Area Bldgs
Multi-Story Office Buildings


What are the occupancy types covered in the BPs guildelines

Single Family Dwellings
Multi-Family Dwellings
Commercial Bldgs
Highrise Bldgs


In BPs, how often will departments meet to discuss Best Practices issues



Who meets quarterly to discuss Best Practices issues

Training BCs
DCs of operations
-All of those part of the Best Practices training group


General Guidelines of the Best Practices-
As neighboring depts., we rely on each other to assist with _______ ______ and solve problems on a daily basis. Training to a common _____ _____ _______ to handle these incidents in a coordinated ______ and _______ manner.

emergency incidents; set of guidelines; safe / efficient
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What are the Incident Priorities

Life Safety
Incident Stabilization
Property Conservation


With strategic objectives what acronym is used and what does it stand for.

R. - Resuce
E. - Exposure
C. - Confinement
E. - Extinguish
O. - Overhaul


What is the highest priority of our strategic objectives? How do we accomplish this?

Rescue! By making aggressive, coordinated attack on the seat of the fire.


Name the Engine Company Tactical Objectives

Size up the situation and locate the fire.
Confine the fire - place hoseline between fire and victims
Extinguish the fire - selection of proper hose & nozzle combination
Protect exposures - eliminate fire extension and evacuate victims
Provide water supply - hydrants, standpipes, sprinkler systems


Name Ladder Company Tactical objectives

Search / Rescue
Ventilation - vertical, horizontal, Outside Vent and mechanical
Forcible entry
Overhaul - assisting w/location and mitigation of hidden fire through the opening of walls, pulling ceilings and other methods
Salvage - saving property
Utilities - securing water, natural gas/propane and electricity
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What are the priorities of ladder company assignments

1st - search and rescue
2nd - ventilation
3rd - forcible entry / ladders
4th - utilities, overhaul, salvage
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What are Engine Companies normally expected to address during initial fire suppression operations (duties of engine cos)?

Locate, confine, extinguish
Water Supply


What is the 1st arriving engine company responsible for

Establish IC
Initial fire attack
Address water supply


3 person engine companies are encouraged to _____ the _____ for water supply.

wrap the hydrant


4 or 5 person engine companies are encouraged to _____ the _____ and leave _____ ______.

wrap the hydrant ; one person at the hydrant.


2nd arriving engine company assignments (in order of priority):

Confirm water supply to the attack engine
Staff standby team and maintain 2-in-2 out.
Assist with initial fire attack and hose line advancement.
In case of vent limited fire, maintain door control by closing the door as much as possible to limit the flow path and by opening the door to relieve heat, smoke and steam as water is applied.
Ensure deployment of a backup line to protect egress.
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3rd Arriving engine company assigments:

Responsible for exposure protection in adjoining occupancies or floor above.
Lay an exposure line
Advise IC of conditions actions needs (LCAN report)
Do not open windows or ventilate interior exposure areas until water has been applied and the fire is under control unless directed by the IC
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4th arriving engine company assignment:

Responsible for RIC, unless directed otherwise by the IC
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The first priority and duties of Ladder companies is

Search/Rescue and Coordinated Ventilation
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1st arriving Ladder primary objective:

Life safety


What should the first arriving ladder company consider as its first priority

Consider Rescue.
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For the first arriving ladder company, if ventilation is needed for fire attack:

the search will be passed to the 2nd ladder and assume ventilation.


2nd arriving ladder will perform

either vent or search. Whichever the 1st due ladder could not do, or assist the 1st due in their operations.


What is the objective for the 2nd ladder

Still life safety.


Other ladder company functions (outside of search/rescue and vent)

Forcible entry


A thorough and systematic search of the fire building, is considered what?

A Secondary Search


Who is often best assigned to Safety?

2nd BC


If the incident dictates the need for a chief officer to manage a major division or group- who has Safety

The IC retains Safety until additional Command Post Staff arrives


On the fireground, there are 3 basic functions/assignments for a hand line:

Attack Line
Back up
Exposure Line


Handline functions: Attack Line

Intended for a direct attack on the fire, either offensively or defensively


Handline funtions: Backup Line

Protects the egress of the initial attack line


Handline Functions: Exposure Line

Intended to protect either internal or external exposures from fire extension


What are the basic risk management principles:

Risk a lot to save a lot vs
Risk a little to save a little
Risk nothing to save nothing


Officers shall make _____ and _____ decisions based upon their _____, ______, and _______ _______ as applied to the circumstances of the incident.

tactical and strategic; training, experience and sound judgement


Where does the Safety Officer transition to in the event of a Mayday or other emergency (in the absence of additional staff)?

RIT group supervisor


What are the critical components of an initial short report?

Occupancy Type/Number of stories
Fire location (Floor 1, 2, etc)
Establish/Name Command
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All companies will _______ and ______ their assignment with the _______ prior to _______.

communicate, confirm, IC, deployment


What is a format for reporting progress reports

L- Location
C- Conditions
A- Actions
N- Needs
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What are the operational modes?

Defensive Mode
Offensive Mode
Rescue Mode


A rapid yet effective search of the fire bldg, either before or during fire suppression, for victims who have not exited the bldg is what?

Primary Search


What are the exemption requirements for the two-in-two-out rule

One-out may be in play, when there is a rescue of a known occupant. The One-out member must have full PPE, SCBA donned in the standby condition and have contact with the TWO IN members.


What is the 6 items of intent for the first two engine companies

Establish Command
Establish water supply
Deploy and staff an attack line
Maintain a minimum of 2 members on the attack line
Maintain a minimum of 2 members on the exterior
Deploy a backup line to use as needed to protect interior crews


Fires in structures with more than one story have a ______ ______ of fire ______. It can be assume that the fire will travel to _____ _____ if not controlled quickly

predictable pattern; upper floors


Prior to a company ascending to above a fire to check for exposures, they must be sure that the Companies engaged in _____ ______ are having _____.

fire attack; success... If not, the exposure company should advise the IC
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What are the 3 main reasons for using front door tactics

1. If a citizen is going to try to escape, they will try to use the primary routes of egress.
2. Most stairs to upper levels and lower levels are immediately inside the front door.
3. The increased use of straight/solid stream tactics has reduced the concerns relative to pushing fire.


When using the concept of front door tactics, the main purpose of the 360 degree survey, is to _________ the fire and __________ if the front door will be the ________ way to apply water to the fire.

Locate / determine / quickest
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What are the 4 common reasons why a front door attack may not be utilized:

1. The seat of the fire is exterior
2. Water can best be applied to first reduce the energy output of the fire through another opening first
3. Strategy is defensive. There is a rescue situation requiring immediate demand for resources
4. Advanced basement fire that was not seen from the street, and the need to attack from the Charlie side is evident
5. Fire attack will be from the exterior prior to entering (garage fire)
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Where are standpipe systems found? (what type of occupancies)

Apt complexes
Office bldgs
Highrise bldgs


Where do you connect to a standpipe?

On the landing below the fire floor
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What should the engine companies notify to the IC and other companies when utilizing standpipe systems?

The stairwell being used for the attack (this may be different from the stairwell used to access the upper floors)
The size of hose being deployed
The floor the fire is on
If a water supply to the system has been made or is needed.
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IF you must use a horizontal standpipe, what is needed to assist on egress?

A search line from your exit door to the standpipe; having a horizontal standpipe can breed a false sense of security (no protected stairwell and exit is not at the end of the hose line)
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The most effective method for developed or ventilation-limited basement fires is to apply a hose stream:

Through an exterior window
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With Attic Fires, it must be assumed that the fire has _____ to the ____ ____ _____ otherwise by direct examination of the attic space.

extended; attic until


Hose line placement for Attic Fires:

Fire attack is best conducted from below with a standard flow hose line operating directly into the attic space; best accomplished by pulling ceilings as soon as possible in the operation
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What types of dwelling fires account for approximately ______ % of all civilian fire deaths.

Single-family dwellings account for 70% civilian deaths


Where are the search priorities be in a single family dwelling during the primary search?

bedrooms, escape paths, and the immediate fire area


What is the difference between Rescue and Removal of occupants

Rescue - Occupants are in immediate danger and need immediate rescue
Removal - Occupants are remote of the actual fire. Need to Protect in Place until adequate resources are available.


In regards to tactics for the commercial bldg, what is the main difference between commercial and residential bldgs.

They may have limited access to window and long distances to reach an exterior door.


Highrise fires- 1st arriving Engine Co. shall be responsible for:

Take control of the alarm room/panel
Capture elevators
Indicate the status of the elevators
Indicate to the IC or Dispatch the means of accessing the fire/alarm floor.
Prepare for fire attack in the appropriate stairwell. If a ladder co has arrived simultaneously, the Ladder should assume the investigation duties.


Highrise - 2nd Engine Co responsibilities

Report to staging if established
Assist investigation/attack team or
Initiate action as directed by IC


Highrise - 3rd arriving Engin Co responsibilities

Supply the FDC
Establish Lobby Control and announce location to IC
Bring 1 3/4" bundles to lobby
Perform an functions given by IC


Highrise - 4th arriving Engine Co responsibilities

Organize Base and assist with tandem pumping for High pressure bldgs


Highrise - 1st Ladder

Support the investigation/attack company


Highrise - 2nd Ladder

Standby at the Lobby otherwise assigned by the IC


Highrise - 1st arriving Aid unit

Attach itself to the first arriving engine company


When local SOPs conflict with Best Practices, which of the two will prevail?

The local policy should prevail and be communicated
Pg 2


The EMTG board (_______ ______) shall meet on a __________ basis.

Fire Chiefs / bi-monthly
Pg 4


A more comprehensive coordinated horizontal ventilation completed in a timely manner after a more thorough size-up of fire conditions, location, and overall ventilation needs. This may involve the use of mechanical ventilation (fans/blowers).

Complete horizontal ventilation
Pg 9


The tasks of searching, accessing voids (pulling ceilings), complete horizontal ventilation, addressing utilities, and other tasks required to support life safety, fire extinguishment, and property conservation.

Interior Ladder Operations
Pg 10


A rapid and effective search of the fire bldg, either before or during fire suppression operations, for victims who have not exited the building.

Primary Search
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Following an initial short report, a complete short report will follow a ________ view and contain:

360º view
Updates on potential hazards (basement, overhead wires, etc)
Confirm Operational Mode
Requests for additional resources as needed
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For VEIS is a hoseline used?

This operation is performed without a hoseline
Pg 20


What are some of the dangers of attached garage fires?

Potential of fire wall breach into the living spaces
Garage door collapse
Overhead storage
High fuel load
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What are the considerations for 1st arriving ladder with regards to assignments?

No life hazard (unoccupied structure)
Heavy smoke / high heat conditions
Top Floor fire
Attic fires
Commercial structures


Single family dwellings are divided into the following categories:

Split level
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Why is the hoseline placement to the front door a beneficial tactic?

Front door is centrally located to reach all areas of the home quickly (stairwells to upper/lower floors usually located near the front door).
Front door is an escape route
Quickest and easiest access from the street
Use of narrow/solid streams, the fire will not be pushed to other areas of the house if its origin is near the front door
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Multifamily dwellings can be broken down into three basic types:

Garden apartments
Townhouse apartments
Interior hallway apartment


In interior hallway buildings, when doors are left open, it compromises what two things?

The means of egress for the tenants
Main attack path for firefighters
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What are the 4 goals for General MVA practices:

Clear command communications
Management of the initial resources
Situational awareness by all responders
High priority on safety
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List the 6 strategic objectives for MVAs:

Create a Temporary Traffic Control Zone (TTCZ)
Establish a Transport Corridor to protect the life safety of responders and victims
TRIAGE patients
Provide the patients with BLS/ALS care
Mitigate and apply appropriate fire/hazard control measures
Provide vehicle stabilization and extrication
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