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What is Case-hardened

Process by which an iron-alloy is hardened so that the surface of the metal is harder than the interior


What is the Seattle Thread specs

Thread pattern on 4" couplings that are 4.875 threads per inch


When will you use a double female coupling and what size

Set up when a forward lay is used for a reverse lay and using the 2 1/2"


What is the increaser for

Couplings with smaller female end and larger male on the other end. Used to connect a smaller male coupling to a larger female coupling.


Reducers, when is it used and what sizes are used

Fitting with larger female thread and smaller male threads. Used to connect are larger hose or coupling/appliance to a smaller female coupling.
2 1/2" to 1 3/4"
2 1/2" to 1 1/2" and to 2 1/2"
4" to 2 1/2" for supplying to a stand pipe


What does PASS stand for

Pull the pin
Squeeze the handle
Sweep the base of the fire


What is the CO2 size and what is it used for

20 pound extinguisher discharged for 60 seconds
Used for Class B (volatile liquids)
Class C (electrical)


Dry Chem specs

We carry a multi-purposed A:B:C rated at 80 B:C
Used on Class A and Class C fires


What is the Foam Extinguisher mixed at and how is it applied

.3 ounce of .1% Class A foam mixed in 2.5 gallons of water.

Applied by rain down or deflecting off an object


Pressurized Water extinguisher has how much water and charged under what pressure

2.5 gallons charged under 90 - 110 psi


What tool is used for prying, leveraging or making a purchase point that has a sliding handle

Charlie Bar


What tool also is known as a pinch bar

Pry Bar


Lathe and plastic specs

Plastic = 6 mil plastic, 12 feet wide folded into a 36" wide roll
Lathe = 48" x 1 1/2" x 1/4"


Hi Lift Jack/Winch capacity

Lifting capacity of 4660 lbs
Used as a winch will support 5000 lbs


Holmatro Hand operated tool specs

Spreading 11,690 lbs
Cutting 49,000 lbs


Rubbish hook; hook spec

Twin 6 1/2" long pins that are 6 inches apart


What shovels do we carry

Round point
Flat point


Squeegee are used for salvage ops, what are the three types

Curved 36" used to pull
Straight 24" used to push or pull
Curved 28" used to pull


Gated wye vs clappered siamese

Wye will divide one line into two
Siamese will have two lines into one


What are the steps to use a hose clamp

Face the water source

Face the direction of flow

Applied no closer than 5 feet from a coupling or 20 feet from the apparatus


What is in the hydrant bag

Hydrant gate
Corey wrench
Adjustable hydrant wrench
2 1/2" to 5" Storz increaser
2 spanner wrenches (5" and 2 1/2")


What are the 3 hydrant wrenches

Ratcheting, Adjustable and Cory Wrench


Three Types of nozzles

Combination fog nozzles
Solid stream
Piercing nozzles


Combination Fog Nozzles patterns

90 degrees to a straight, not solid stream


What is our 1 3/4" fog nozzle and the pressures

1 3/4" Elkhart Chief Nozzle is a constant gallonage fog nozzle
150 gpm at 75 psi
175 gpm at 100 psi
Remove the tip to reveal a 15/16" solid stream tip
180 gpm at 50 psi


What is the 2 1/2" fog we carry

2 1/2" Elkhart Chief Combination/Fog
This does not break down, capable of flowing 325 gpm at 50 psi


Where is the 2 1/2" solid stream nozzle attached to

Bulk bed and skid load


What are the tip pressures/gpm for 2 1/2" solid stream nozzle

1 1/4" tip produces
290 gpm at 40 psi
325 gpm at 50 psi


What is the emergency tip

This is the 1/2" tip on the 2 1/2" highrise bundle.
50 gpm at 50 psi


What is the second tip on the highrise bundle

1 1/8" tip producing
265 gpm at 50 psi


The department carries two types of piercing/penetrating nozzles. What are they and what is the gpm/psi

All piercing nozzles are pumped at 100 psi
Lower gpm nozzle will flow 95 gpm at 100 psi
Higher gpm nozzle will flow 250 pgm at 100 psi for 2 1/2"
or 190 gpm at 100 psi for 1 3/4"


Which piercing nozzle can be struck

Lower gpm nozzle.


Elkhart Stinger is equipped with what intake ports and what are the tip gpmss

Two 2 1/2" clappered female intake ports
1 3/8" 500 gpm
1 1/2" 600 gpm
1 3/4" 800 gpm
2" 1060 gpm only used when mounted on the pumper

These are all 80 psi nozzle pressures per T.M.


Monitor Fog Nozzle is also known as

Elkhart Select-O-Matic 100 fog nozzle. Operates at 100 psi flowing 1000 gpm


What are the elevation degrees up and down and side to side for the Blitz Fire

Elevations of 10 - 50 degrees and 20 degrees side to side.

Flowing up to 500 gpm.


Electric Fan specs

Move up to 5200 cubic feet per minute
1725 rpm
Powered by 1/3 horsepower motor
Has 4 16" blades


Altair Gas meter detects what gasses

Hydrogen Cyanide
Hydrogen Sulfide
Flammable gasses


Flares are rated for 15 minutes t/f

False, they are 15 inches long, 1 inch wide rated for 30 minutes


What is in the rope bag

150 feet of 1/2" static kernmantle rescue lifeline.
Breaking strength of 9000 lbs and working load of 600 lbs

1 chest harness
1 sit harness
5 caribiners
4 prussiks
1 figure 8
2 pulleys
8 webbing -green 8', yellow 12', blue 15', red 20'


What is the standard size for tarps

12' x 18', in 4 sections with grommets every 16" on the outside edge


Air bag systems will lift 5 tons t/f

False, 15" x 15" 10 ton air bags