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what 7 muscles and 2 nerves derived from 1st branchial arch

1. temporalis
2. masseter
3. mylohyoid
4. lat. and medial pterygoids
5. ant. belly of digastric
6. tensor tympani
7. tensor veli palatini

* CN V2 and V3


what 2 a.a. found in high conc in elastin

1. proline
2. glycine

*non hydroxylated
*by contrast, collagen has proline, glycine and lysine; proline and lysine become hydroxylated


MOA of adenosine as an antiarrhythmic

increases K efflux from the cell (hyperpolarization) and initally prevents Ca entry, which stops SA node conducton

*very short acting (15s) will stop the heart, used to dx SVTs

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