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3 main functions of A1 stimulation

1. Increased vascular SM contraction--> Increased BP and peripheral vascular resistance
2. Mydriasis (pupillary dilator muscle contraction)
3. Increased bladder sphincter contraction (and intestines)


main 4 functions of A2 stimulation

1. Decreased sympathetic outflow--> stimulates A2 autoreceptor on presynaptic nerves to reduce NE release
2. Decreased insulin release (Beta cells of pancreas)
3. Decreased lipolysis
4. Increased platelet aggregation


main 3 functions of B1 stimulation

1. Increased HR and contractility
2. Increased renin release by kidney
3. Increased lipolysis


main 5 functions of B2 stimulation

1. Vasodilation
2. Bronnchodilation
3. Increased lipolysis
4. Increased insulin release (beta cells)
5. Decreased uterine tone

*HR will increase reflexively

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