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a still alarm received while out of quarters, shall be reported via radio, what other actions should be taken?

change apparatus status to CAV


move ups shall be?

non emergency unless directed by metro


parking on one side of a street is determined by minimum/maximum width of?



engines given permission to be outside their first in district shall return to their district as soon as possible and shall remain in their districts unless dispatched or otherwise directed by?



a state preparedness necessary to cope with civil disturbances or natura/man made disasters best describes?

tactical alert


under which of the following conditions should the BC be notified when company staffing levels fall below regular staffing?

member from single engine company goes off duty


when can an apparatus overtake another apparatus?

apparatus plcement at the emergency
apparatus disabled or delayed
moving at reduced speed due to terrain
altering response sequence to obtain optimum approach


if it is determined that a clear justification exists to request a first alarm assignment change, who is the approving authority?



still alarms received while in quarters, shall be reported to MFC in what manner?

fire phone
business phone


aircraft inventory sheets will be required on aircraft over how many pounds in weight and in daily operations at your airport?



the plan sheet shall be color coded with three different colors. what color indicates exits?



how are aircraft inventory sheets filed in the building inventory book?

alphabetically according to the manufacturer of the aircraft


during non emergency situations when a hydrant is found to be inoperative because of damage, report the situation to?

construction services


during non emergency situations when a hydrant is being used illegally, report the situation to?

construction services


opening a fire hydrant for the purpose of flushing or trying to clean out a main is a function of?



all permits for the use of water by the public will be issued by?



there are hydrants in the Topanga canyon fern-wood area which have extremely high pressures. these hydrants are identified by?

red tops
a high pressure sign attached to the hydrant


the time for the routine testing of hydrants will be determined by?

battalion commander


when notifying MFC or a sheared off fire hydrant, the following info shall be included?

hydrant location
if hydrant has been shut off
the number of valves closed


the initial painting of tops of hydrants with a static pressure over 200 psi shall be done by?

station members


fire hydrant gate valves may require ? to ? full turns to complete a shut down.



which of the following depicts the symbol for a private fire hydrant?

circle inside a square


extremely high pressure hydrants found in the topanga canyon fernwood area are not recommended for use unless absolutely necessary. when it becomes necessary, which of the following procedures would apply?

use a reducing valve
filling apparatus tank from the top
draft through a broken connection


chief officers or station commanders contemplating training activities requiring large GPM flows will notify construction services-hydrant/access unit at least ? hours in advance.



during non emergency situations when a hydrant is being used illegally, report the situation to ?

construction services-hydrants and access


each public demonstration request for dept. participation must be evaluated for which of the following?

level of participation required


while on duty, all members are required to provide their name and rank upon the request of members of the community with the exception of?

members conducting investigations of a confidential nature


the responsibility for press relations during an emerg.incident lies with?

the officer in charge


California law permits bona fide members of the news media to be on the scene of an emergency, provided they are not directly interfering with emerg. ops. if a member of the press desires to climb a ladder or enter a building, he/she may be allowed under what situations?

after they have been warned of any unsafe conditions


on duty contacts with either the office of the mayor, city council, other elected officials, or staff members of their offices shall be promptly reported to?

chief of staff


the primary factor in developing and maintaining a desirable dept. community relations program is?

personal conduct of each member


the term available defines that a company is available to respond to an incident?

within 60 seconds


the term conditionally available defines a fire resource, assessment engine, and an assessment light force are available to respond to an incident ? from the dispatch of an alarm.

within 3 minutes


the turn conditionally available defines a paramedic and EMT ambulance shall be available to respond to an incident ? from the dispatch of an alarm.

within 60 seconds


resources sent on a move up to an area that normally operates on a different channel shall select the new channel?

upon dispatch


portable radios shall be tested in conjunction with a mobile unit, at a minimum?



all training, regardless of type (informal, planned, scheduled, spur of the moment, etc shall be based on?

need of the individuals and/or companies concerned


whenever possible, outside drills will be held in the company ? district.

first in


all members shall be subject to emerg. and routine details as required by commanding offices. in making details, officers will consider?



hydrant test reports shall include all of the following?

date the hydrant test was completed
number of city owned hydrants tested
number of hydrants test that are owned by private industry


unless a different period of time has been specified, hydrants reported out of service, which have not been restored within ? shall be reported to the construction services- hydrant access unit and to the battalion commander.

72 hours


the time frame in which fire stations will be required to take a static pressure of a fire hydrant is?

when requested by construction services- hydrant/access unit


upon arrival at the scene of an emergency, you make several attempts to announce your arrival and request an assignment from the IC. according the the MOPs, if you do not receive an acknowledge you should?

personally report to the IC


when the IC requests LAPD for traffic or crowd control, the term ? should be used for requesting a police response.

meet the fire dept.


the term field incident shall mean and include?

all emerg. and non emerg. response, except move ups


when a responsible person is not at the scene, what form should be used to relate any necessary info regarding an incident handled by the dept.?



following the tx of a pt. or transportation, fire dept. personnel shall not contact any person who has been treated and/or transported without first receiving specific permission form?

admin operations chief deputy


when a company responds to a flammable liquid spill, they shall concern themselves primarily with?

fire hazard


all of the following circumstances requires immediate notification to MFC?

the emerg. is some distance form the dispatched location
unable to reach destination
arriving at another quarters on a move up
FF emerg. is declared at the scene of an incident


reports of meritorious acts by a civilian at the scene of an emerg. shall be reported through channels to?

division office


recall is implemented to provide additional staffing for fire and or EMS resources, including command staff and officers, when and where needed. during business hours, recall will be implemented by ?

underground tanks unit of the fire prevention bureau


in the case of a catastrophic event, it may not be possible to contact off duty members. if it is obvious that members should report to work and comms are down, members should report to?

dodger stadium


in case of a recall, all of the following members off on the specified leave will not be recalled.

sick leave
leave no pay
disciplinary leave
assigned to accounting


in the hillside areas of the city, blue reflectors are located on the st. pavement to indicate?

all hydrants


each public demonstration request for dept. participation must be evaluated for which of the following?

level of participation required


hydrant repair reports shall include all of the following?

list of hydrants needing repair
location, type of hydrant and repair needed
hydrants that are difficult to operate


all of the following circumstances requires immediate notification to MFC?

emergency is some distance from the dispatched location
unable to reach destination
arriving at another quarters on a move up
a firefighter emergency is declared at the scene of an incident


reports of meritorious acts by civilian at the scene of an emerg. shall be reported through channels to?

the division office


When a firefighting company response to an EMS incident, normally?

Three members should be involved with the necessary equipment


When emergency resources respond to the rescue called the siren should?

Be avoided in the immediate vicinity of the call with practical


When operating department hose lines, exterior standpipes she'll be used on fires above?

The third floor


And EMS incident initial assignment where the closest ALS resource is dispatched best describes?

Advanced life-support, non-high-risk


Which of the following functions of command that and it's a commander is responsible for?

Develop an effective ICS Organization, initiate maintain and control the communications process,
provide tactical objectives,
provide for the continuity transfer and termination of command


When the company responding to an incident and counters in emergency in route and no other fire department apparatus is present, they should?

Stop and abate the emergency


When restricted parking is needed, the action that responsible station commanders she'll take is?

Submit a written report with recommendations through channels to emergency services bureau


When a company response to a flammable liquid spill, the show concern themselves primarily with the fire hazard. If the traffic hazard is involved? She'll be requested.

Police assistance


With contributions are collected and F2 25 listing all of the pertinent information should be prepared and forwarded to?

The administrative office


Which of the following would be considered criteria for determining the category B response?

Required fire flow – 4500 GPM and above,
assemblages occupancies on the second floor or above,
schools more than two stories in height


Prior to committing resources in the hospital area, Officer should consider all of the following?

Size of the crowd,
attitude of the crowd,
adverse reaction to the department,
whether PD on scene


What are the tactical priorities that an incident commander is responsible for?

Rescue endangered occupants,
stabilize he can provide for life safety,
conserve property


A type A chlorine emergency repair kit is designed to control leaks in?

100 and 150 pound containers


The initial size it should include all of the following?

Address or location of the incident,
type of incident,
additional resources needed,
exposure problems


The priority of department resources responding to the scene of an incident is?

Safe arrival


Windshield incident commander designate at least one fire company has a rapid intervention company?

If any additional fire resources above the initial alarm assignment are requested


Portable radio batteries she'll be changed after continuous use excess of? Ours.



How many faces of recalled are there?



During a tactical alert, all of the following procedures apply?

Rescue ambulances dispatched to an area of civil unrest shall require a police escort
Fire dept. units shall respond from and return to designated staging areas
Fire dept. facilities left empty shall have all doors, windows and exterior gates closed and locked, and lights left on


When backing into quarters, your engine hits a dog. There is no damage to dept. apparatus, and the dog suffered only minor injuries. Proper reports required are?

FG 88 initiated by the driver and an F150 initiated by an investigating officer


Your engineer receives a form SR 1C from the dept. of motor vehicles for an accident he/she was involved in at his previous assignment. The form shall be?

Sent through channels to the emergency services bureau


When heavy apparatus is towed to the supply and maintenance facility due to a mechanical breakdown in the field after normal business hours, it is necessary to?

Document the date and time the towing company arrived to remove the apparatus


A member who has been off duty for ? Days, is required to return to duty through medical services division.

31 consecutive calendar days


The individual responsible for making he Cal/OSHA notification any time a private or public sector employee suffers a serious industrial injury, illness, or death at an incident to which LAFD fire companies and ambulances respond is the ?

Senior ranking member of the ambulance which transports the worker

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