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.01. Preservation of the peace in family disturbances is perhaps the most sensitive area of law enforcement and presents;

the greatest challenge and risk to officers.


.01. To be effective, officers must not only be cautious, but also be;

firm in their actions and courteous as well as tactful in their manner.


.05A. If an officer establishes probable cause to believe a person has committed an offense involving family violence, and the offense includes the use of a weapon, choking of the victim or the offender has a history of family violence, officers are to;

make a reasonable effort to arrest the offender without a warrant.


.05B. In family violence cases where the offense included the use of a weapon, choking of the victim or the offender has a history of family violence, and the effort to arrest him/her without a warrant was not successful, officers should begin;

making efforts to secure a warrant of arrest for the offender.


.05C. The respective substation CRT Officers will prepare warrants during;

their business hours. The Family Violence Detail or Night CID Unit will prepare warrants at all other times.


.05D. Officers will contact the follow-up unit;

prior to the release of any witnesses, complainants and prior to the transporting and booking of the actor.


.05E. Officers have several available methods of contacting the Special Victims Unit, including:

1. Contacting detectives on Central channel;
2. Calling the Special Victims Unit office.
3. Contacting the Communications Unit, where the detectives’ cell phone numbers are listed.


.05I. Who shall provide family violence training to Police Service Agents, Crisis Response Teams and Crime Scene Unit Investigators?

Special Victims Unit


.06A. Patrol Division Officers:Present warrants for arrest to the magistrate and properly;

log the warrants in with the Bexar County Sheriff’s office, when instructed to do so by the follow up units;


.06B. Write the appropriate crime scene search report and package it along with SAPD Form #2089-DV which has been filled out and signed by the victim. Route the SAPD Form #2089-DV to the Special Victims Unit and the 2089-DA Danger Assessment Checklist to the CRT Office;

UEDI / CSU Investigator


.06B. Occasionally, will go to an area substation to obtain pictures of a victim of family violence.

Crime Scene Unit Investigator


.06C. When a victim of family violence presents his/herself at a substation, the Police Service Agent will first determine whether an offense report has already been made.

Police Service Agents


.06C. If no report has been made will have a Crisis Response Team (CRT) officer, if available, or an officer come in from the field to make the report.

Police Service Agents


.06C. If an offense report has been made, will provide the victim with SAPD Form #2089-DV and have the victim complete the form.

Police Service Agents


.06C. They will then package the completed SAPD Form #2089-DV along with any photographs and route to the SVU and complete and route the SAPD Form #2089-DA (Danger Assessment Checklist) to the CRT Office at the appropriate substation.

Police Service Agents


.06C. If a UEDI / CSI nor CRT member are available, they will take digital pictures of the victim and his/her injuries and refer to Procedure 408, Digital Photography, for the handling of digital images.

Police Service Agents


.06D. When they make a location where a victim of family violence has not had pictures taken and/or has not filled out SAPD Form #2089-DV they shall provide the form for the victim to complete and take pictures of the victim and any injuries.

Crisis Response Team


They will provide for the victim's safety per their Standard Operating Procedures.

Crisis Response Team


.06D. If a warrant will be obtained for an actor for a felony offense, they will, so a detective can be assigned to the follow up investigation first notify the Special Victims Unit supervisor

Crisis Response Team


All documents obtained, including the warrant, affidavit and offense reports will be forwarded to the follow up unit for inclusion in the case filing paperwork forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office.

Crisis Response Team


.06D. Upon order of the Court, they will coordinate the surrender of any firearms, as ordered by the court.

property room personnel, the assigned CRT substation personnel, and the designated third party assigned by the court


.06D. They will return the required documents to Pretrial Services, as instructed by the court.

The assigned CRT substation personnel


.06D. Pursuant to the court order, a firearm may not be returned to a suspect except by;

further order of the court.


.06E. Special Victims Unit: Upon receipt of the packets from the Crime Scene Investigators, Police Service Agents, or Crisis Response Teams, he shall inspect the information included in the packets for completeness.

a supervisor


.06E. Where medical releases or other information are required, shall be assigned to a detective to obtain.

Misdemeanor Family Violence cases


.07A. May interview suspects, but will not verbally accuse, directly or indirectly, any person of causing the suspected abuse, so the suspect will not become apprehensive and refuse to speak to follow up personnel

Patrol Division Officers


.07A. Will notify the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services through one of the following methods:

Patrol Division Officers


.07A. Call the specially designated Child Abuse Statewide Intake hotline number for law enforcement at 1- 800-877-5300;

Patrol Division Officers


.07A. Make an online report to the Statewide Intake office by logging in to and followingthe directions on the website;

Patrol Division Officers


.07A. Fax a copy of the report to the Statewide Intake office at 1-800-647-7410.

Patrol Division Officers


.07A. Officers will submit a copy of the completed report, by personal delivery, fax, or email to the specific investigating unit, which may be the Special Victims Unit and/or Night CID Unit ASAP, but by;

no later than the end of their tour of duty.


.07C. Respond to the hospital, school or other location and contact the responding officer, when possible, on all Injury to Child with Serious Bodily Injury cases;

Special Victims Unit or Night CID Unit


.07C. Ensure a Crime Scene Unit investigator is assigned when evidence collection or photographs are necessary.

Special Victims Unit or Night CID Unit


.08A. Whenever possible, how many officers are dispatched on family disturbance and family/dating violence calls. An effort should be made to coordinate their arrival at the scene.

{2} officers


.09A. After the initial contact with the occupants, the officers should ask to speak with him/her. If;

the complainant is an occupant of the dwelling,


.09B. When officers enter a dwelling with the consent of either or both parties, and subsequently one party requests they leave, the officers may remain over the objections of the other party, if;

the officers have probable cause to believe their presence is necessary to prevent family violence or to affect an arrest.


.09C If the officers have probable cause to believe police intervention is necessary to prevent family / dating violence, the officers should contact;

their supervisor and move to public property and observe the premises while waiting for the arrival of their supervisor.


.09D. Officers may forcibly enter a dwelling only under

exigent circumstances, when probable cause exists that immediate intervention is imperative to prevent the commission of a felony, loss of life, or serious bodily injury.


.09C. Officers must evaluate the following elements when considering a forced entry:

a. Whether parties involved are armed; and
b. Probability of harm to officers or persons.


.10B. If counseling is requested by either party involved in the dispute or if the victim requests assistance in filing a criminal complaint or obtaining a protective order, they shall be referred to the;

SAPD Victims Advocacy Office.


.11D When circumstances reasonably show threatened violence may occur, the officers may affect an arrest to prevent the threatened violence, provided the threat occurs in the officers’ presence or view, but should remain;

flexible when dealing with situations involving threats only.


11E When physical injury is threatened against a child but has not been inflicted, Officers may affect an arrest, even when the threat occurs outside of the officer’s presence or view, when;

circumstances reasonably show it is necessary to prevent the assault.


11F. Officers and UEDI inquire into the presence of firearms and will discuss safety options, which include, placing the firearms in;

the property room to prevent the suspect from gaining access to the firearms.


.12A. Any officer responding to a family disturbance or family / dating violence call involving a sworn member of this Department, shall;

request the presence of a supervisory officer.


.12B. The supervisory officer notified of a sworn member's involvement in a family disturbance or family/dating violence call;

shall respond to the scene and assess the situation.


.12C. If the incident warrants a custodial arrest of a sworn member, the supervisor shall;

notify command officers in accordance with, Command Notification.


.12C. Who shall be the approving authority for any custodial arrest;

Highest ranking command officer to respond to the scene


.12C. The supervisor shall forward copies of all offense, incident, or supplemental reports to;

Office of the Chief,
Internal Affairs Unit,
division commander of arrested officer.


.12D. If the incident does not warrant a custodial arrest of a sworn member, the supervisor assigned to the incident shall;

submit copies of all offense, incident, or supplemental reports to the Internal Affairs Unit and the division commander of the officer involved.


.12E. The Internal Affairs Unit, upon receiving a report of a sworn member being involved in family /dating violence incident, shall conduct a thorough investigation of the incident and report their findings to;

The Chief's Advisory Action Board.


.12F. The Internal Affairs Unit, upon receiving a report of a sworn members being involved in family disturbance, shall conduct an;

administrative review of the incident to determine any disciplinary issues which need to be addressed through the Chief’s Advisory Action Board.


.13B. Any sworn member who becomes a suspect in a Class C misdemeanor crime of family /dating violence shall;

notify their immediate supervisory, in writing as soon as possible.


.13B. Any sworn member arrested or charged with a Class C misdemeanor crime of family/dating shall notify;

the Office of the Chief in writing.


.13B. Any sworn member who becomes the subject of a protective order or condition of bond in a family violence case shall immediately notify;

a supervisory officer in writing, who will ensure the officer is placed on administrative duty pending further investigation.


.13B. Any sworn member convicted of a Class C misdemeanor crime of family /dating violence or having a conviction prior to the effective date of this procedure shall immediately notify;

a supervisory officer who will place the officer on administrative duty, pending further investigation of the conviction.


.13C. Any sworn member convicted of a Class C misdemeanor crime of family or dating violence shall;

immediately relinquish their department-issued firearms to the Internal Affairs Unit supervisor assigned to the case.


.13C. Any supervisory officer having knowledge of a sworn member being convicted of a Class C misdemeanor crime of family or dating violence prior to the effective date of this procedure;

shall relieve the sworn member of his firearm.


.13C. The sworn member's department-issued firearms will be taken to the;

Armory and Supply Office during normal business hours or Property Room during non-business hours by the supervisory officer taking possession.


.13B. When a Class C misdemeanor assault is committed or suspected the complainant is advised to contact the;

Domestic Violence Court Prosecutor’s Office located in the Municipal Court Building to file charges.


.13C. The reporting officer provides the victim with Pseudonym forms if requested, completes the form together with the victim, provides the victim with a copy, and return the original to the Special Victims Unit;

in person or in a sealed envelope through the departmental bin mail.


.13D. If the family disturbance or family/dating violence call involves a sworn member of this Department, all officers assigned to the call, including supervisors;

shall submit reports detailing their involvement in the incident.


E. Any supervisory officer relieving a sworn member of a firearm for a conviction of a Class C crime of
family/dating violence shall;

document any actions taken in a written report through their chain of command, with a copy to Armory and Supply Office.


G. An officer who investigates a family /dating violence allegation, or responds to a family disturbance, involving a member of the military, shall provide written notice to;

the Staff Judge Advocate at Joint Forces H.Q. or the Provost Marshal of the military installation the suspect is assigned.

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