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What did Cochrane find about doctors advice?

After 12 months after consulting their doctors 0.3% had quit
If they were also given a leaflet about quitting 5.1% did = may increase self efficacy and perceived behavioural control


What did Ogden find after looking at Cochrans results?

That is all GPs advised their clients to quit this would result in half a million ex-smokers in the UK every year


What did evidence find about restricting and banning advertisement?

Compared cigarette consumption before and after a ban was brought on advertising in Finland and found a reduction in sales


What is the current legislation in the UK on cigarette advertisement?

There is a ban on display in shops and a call for plain packaging


How can legislation increase the cost of smoking?

By increasing taxation


How can reducing harmful components reducing smoking?

The idea is that smokers would gradually wean off nicotine and find it easier to quit cigarettes = negative reinforcement
BUT concern that smokers may just increase the amount they smoke


What did Benowitz find about reducing harmful components?

Very small study where smokers were given cigarettes which gradually had less and less nicotine in them:
- none of the smokers increased the amount of cigarettes they smokes = nicotine must involve psychological factors which cause aggression


How may the ban on smoking in public places have reduced the addiction?

- Seen as less of a social norm
- Smokers may be seen as more of a separate social group causing people to conform to their non-smoking group (normative)


How may the ban on smoking in public places increased smoking addiction?

- Smokers may share a common attitude towards the ban which increases their habit (normative + informational conformity)
- Gives smokers a sense of identity


What are informational/awareness campaigns?

Messages that may be general or targeted, and it is important at the outset to be clear about objectives, audiences and message.


What did Sung and Keeler do?

Examined the effects of taxation vs an anti-smoking media campaign on cigarette consumption in California


What did Sung and Keeler find?

- Sales of cigarettes reduced by 819 million packs through 1990-92 due to 25% tax increase
- the anti-smoking media campaign reduced sales by 232 million packs


What does Sung and Keeler's study show?

- Both taxation and anti-smoking media campaigns are effective means of reducing cigarette consumption
- The strength of those effects is influenced by the magnitude of these


What is doctors advice?

Often give advice about quitting smoking:
- SLT: may be seen as authority figures so more likely to copy the behaviour they tell us to do