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What is face/test validity?

Get a judge with relevant expertise in the area to assess wether the test seems appropriate
= makes suggestions to improve the test


What is content validity?

Focus on whether the test covers the whole topic area it should
= allows you to remove poor areas and change items as well as adding in missing items


What is concurrent validity?

Have 2 sets of scores, one from the new test and one from a test already validated = should correlate
BUT old test may not be valid


What is predictive validity?

Can the test predict events in the future
- correlation of two sets of scores taken at different times
Improved: adding further predictors so controlling for other factors e.g parental support


What is meant by external validity?

How well the results can be generalised beyond the study itself


What is population validity?

Whether we can generalise the results from the specific sample used


What is ecological validity?

Whether the results obtained in one setting can be generalised to others settings