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What does this theory refer to?

The influence we receive from certain people which effects our gender behaviour e.g parents


What does SLT suggest about parenting?

We could learn gendered behaviour from same-sex parents


How does operant conditioning explain parenting influence?

May be rewarded for carrying out gender appropriate behaviour and be punished for opposite sex behaviour e.g. boys playing with girls toys


How does classical conditioning explain parenting influence?

Learn to associate stereotypical female activities with females, or males, if they often see this = nurturing


How can the media influence gender?

Classical conditioning of men and women's presentation on screen:
Female and male role models in the media, advertisement etc - children model these stereotypical roles, especially if the individual has high status


What is an example of how the media can influence gender?

When women are on screen they are often in a sexually shown way


How does N/N relate to SLT?

Theory suggest completely nurture, no nature involved


What did Smith and Lloyd do?

Adults asked to play with babies who's gender had been disguised by dressing them in snowsuits
- Toys offered were very stereotypical


What did Smith and Lloyd find?

Boys were stimulated through more physical activity


How does Smith and Lloyd's study both support and oppose parental influence? (N/N)

Could be the case that boys naturally like the type of play or that they have been nurtured to believe this is the norm


How is PAS related to Smith and Lloyd's study?

Highly controlled piece of research, very few extraneous variables, e.g. parents did not know who was what gender so couldn't influence play


What did Fagot find and how does this support parental influence?

Found parents discouraged what they believed to be gender inappropriate behaviour
Supports as shows operant conditioning


What did Dietz do?

Used content analysis to research portrayal of women in video games


What did Dietz find?

- No female characters in 41% of games
- 28% portrayed as sex objects
- 21% showed violence towards women


How does Dietz's study support media influence?

Shows media presenting stereotypical roles and the influence of classical conditioning


How does RWA relate to Dietz's study?

Video games may be influencing behaviour e.g. domestic abuse - especially if a character is rewarded. BUT parents still buy games regardless of age rating