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What is mate selection?

Most species have one system for mate selection that seems to be genetically programmed


How can mate selection be more successful?

The way that male and females look different and behave differently gives them an advantage to pass on their genes
- e.g. men have testosterone which makes them more muscly so females think they are more able to protect them and support offspring


What does the parental investment theory suggest about male behaviour?

Men should be sexually promiscuous which gives them the greatest chance to pass on their genes


What does the parental investment theory suggest about female behaviour?

Women's gender behaviour should be to look for a man who is able to protect them (have a limited number of babies so it is in their interest to spend time and effort ensuring they survive


What is the PAS issue of evolution?

It is very difficult to prove that people actions are due to evolution - can hypothesis but can't prove


What did Wedekind do?

44 males given a clean shirt to wear + told to wear it for 2 nights
- Put each shirt in a doc with a sniffing hole. Female participants asked to smell 7 boxes each (3 boxes from men with immune systems similar to their own + 3 with different, 7th box = control)


What did Wedekind find?

Women preferred the t-shirts worn by men with dissimilar immune systems BUT if taking oral contraceptions = similar


How does Wedekind's study support evolution?

Shows that women are more likely to choose mates who will ensure the protection of their offspring. Who will not catch the same illnesses


How does PAS link to Wedekind's study?

Blind study = had no idea who they were meant to pair with. Shows evolution can be proved in some cases.


What did Davis do?

Studied personal advertisements from Canadian newspapers


What did Davis find?

Gender differences for desired companion attributes were consistent with traditional sex role stereotypes:
Women - emphasised employment, financial + intellectual statues
Men - Physical characteristics


How does Davis study support evolution?

Shows men's ability to be sexually promiscuous and women wanting support to bring up offspring


How does N/N link to Davies study?

People could be following a social learning theory idea, e.g. they read these characteristics are important