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How did Bandura extend Skinner's ideas?

He added the idea of modelling = copying behaviours of others


What are the 4 processes that are involved in modelling behaviour?

Attention - You have to notice the aggressive behaviour
Retention - Have to remember the aggressive behaviour
Reproduction - the actual modelling of behaviour previously observed
Motivation - There must be a good reason for reproducing the behaviour. If we see it rewarded we are more likely to reproduce it.


Who are we more likely to copy the aggressive behaviour of? (3 points)

- Those that we admire, respect and look up to
- People who are similar to us e.g same gender
- As well as those with power/authority


Is this theory nature or nurture?

More on the nurture side as it suggests people experience violence which causes them to become aggressive


What are the RWA around video games?

- Video games are violent therefore children may copy what they see
- Although these games have age restrictions parents still buy them
- Aggression may be increased in online gaming


How can this theory also be considered as a nature approach?

It may be the case that some families have a gene which causes them to be aggressive


What did Simmons do?

Tested 113 adolescent males. Assessed the extent of which various parental behaviours during early adolescence predicted high school dating violence


What did Simmons find?

- Corporal punishment increase the raids of dating violence
- BUT this was not the case for inter-parental aggression
- Low support from parents was associated with adolescent delinquency and drug use, which in turn predicted dating violence


What does Simmons' study show?

This study supports SL as abuse against the child caused aggression


What is some evaluation of Simmons' study? (3 points)

- The study does not support SL as watching parents hit each other did not cause dating violence, suggesting some of the 4 processes did not happen
- Perhaps anger, e.g after being hit plays a part in future aggression
- Low support from parents causing dating violence shows SL is too simplistic


What did Silverman et al do?

Studied 193 college men's violence and attitude regarding battering


What did Silverman find? (3 points)

- If boys witnesses their father hit their mother they were more likely to be violent towards partners
- These men were also more likely to associate with peers who are abusive and provide informational support for relationship violence
- This caused them to be more aggressive towards partners


What does Silverman's study show?

Supports SL as men who witnessed violence became aggressive


How does Silverman's study relate to N/N and RWA?

- Maybe the genes for violence are running in families
- Perhaps domestic violence help/advice should be targeted at boys who experience it


Who created the theory?