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What can the aggression in institutions be caused by? (5 points)

- Over crowding
- Architecture
- Policies
- Unsupervised areas
- Staff actions


What does the deprivation model suggest?

Claims when people are deprived of lots of things, e.g in prison this makes them aggressive as a reaction to how they feel


How does Zimbardo's prisons study support the situation model?

Guards were not previously aggressive but became aggressive due to the institution they were placed into


What is some evaluation of Zimbardo's study?

In terms of relating this to real life this was only a study. Cannot replicate, for example all the over crowding in real, established institutions


Why is the situation model considered nurture?

Because regardless of who you are as a person you will be aggressive


What are the issues surrounding the situation model?

Real world applications - spend money on improving institutions e.g staff training, reducing over crowding etc. Have as many enrichment activities as possible to prevent being deprived


What did Bandura do?

Studied school children who had to work with children from another school. 2 conditions: one where they heard an assistant refer to the other students as 'animals and one where they were referred to as nice. Told to give electric shocks to the other students


What did Bandura find?

Higher shocks were delivered in the animal condition


How does Banduras study support the situation model?

Staff actions caused increased aggression - the institution caused aggression


What does the importation model by Irwin and Cressey suggest?

Inmates who enter a prison with particular characteristics are more likely to engage in interpersonal violence than other inmates


What issues are there surrounding the importation model? (2 issues)

The social sensitive nature of research - some people suggest black people are seen to be more aggressive in prisons, however this can be seen as racists
- Nature/nurture - some people are nurtured to be aggressive e.g by parents others may be naturally aggressive


What did Harer and Steffenmier do?

Analysed data from 58 US prisons


What did Harer and Steffenmier find?

Black inmates displayed higher levels of violent behaviour than white inmates. Concluded these differences reflected racial differences in US society in general


What does Harer and Steffenmier study show?

Supports the claim that characteristics are imported into prison


What did Keller and Wang find?

Prisons holding the most troublesome inmates were more likely to have violence occur. Supports importation model


What does Zimbardo's situation model suggests? (2 points)

- If people are who are not aggressive are put into an institution that is aggressive this nurtures you to be violent
- Put in the situation where they need to be aggressive e.g prisons