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The purpose of this order is to establish procedures to properly handle preliminary testing of controlled substances. The prosecution of a Possession of Controlled Substances charge requires a positive determination of the _______ of the substance.



In order to expedite the process, where possible, officers making arrests for possession of a controlled substance will assure that a ________ of the substance is conducted.

preliminary test(s)


Controlled substances recovered as evidence as a result of a physical arrest, or search warrant will be tested _____ to placing it into the property room as evidence.



Suspected controlled substances (will) or (will not) be tested inside the Property and Evidence Facility. An area on the loading dock will be provided for the testing of suspected controlled substances.

will not


The test will be performed by the submitting _____ using an available testing kit.



A small amount ( ____ of a gram or less) will be needed for the test

one tenth


The type of test, and the results of the test (positive or negative) will be noted in the ________ and on the ________. If there are multiple containers, one positive test is all that is required, the substances in all containers will not be tested.

General Offense Report

Property Control Card


The test kit will be _______ after use.



There are separate tests for different controlled substances. Always start with the test most likely to be ______ (i.e. the substance the officer believes has been encountered).



When a Preliminary Test for a Controlled Substance is to be performed to establish probable cause for arrest, officers will obtain a test kit from the sector ______.



Preliminary tests for probable cause to arrest will be conducted when:

1. In the performance of Police duties a substance is found and there is no other probable cause for obtaining an arrest warrant (i.e., The substance was found during other types of investigations); and

2. These tests will be used only to support probable cause or to identify substances for filing charges.


Unknown substances not connected to a suspect (will) or (will not) be tested.

will not


______ substance identity is not absolutely necessary to support a charge of Sale of a Controlled Substance. However, prosecution is simplified when an identity is made.



In sale or dealing cases officers will conduct the test(s) in the same manner as with a ________.

possession charge


When an arrest is made follow Sheriff's Office ________ regarding filing cases and attending court.

written directives


If the preliminary test(s) yield no positive results, the State Attorney's Office, has requested that, whenever possible, officers file the case at the ______ opportunity, to allow the State Attorney's Office to submit the substance for a complete analysis.



When testing suspected substances, utmost care should be used due to suppliers placing look-a-like drugs on the street containing _____ that cause reactions with the test kit chemicals. Testing these look-a-like drugs could cause possible injuries to the testing officer.


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