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What is the most effective way to reduce the overall incidence of smoking?



Many children and adolescents believe that smokeless tobacco is a safe alternative to ___ smoking, is not _____, and they believe they can _____

Cig smoking, not addictive, believe they can stop any time


Because smoking and smoking related behaviors are social symbols, antismoking campaigns must address the norms of potential smokers. Anything that ridicules or threatens the social norms of the peer group can be ____ or _____

Unproductive or counterproductive


Investigators have found that teaching _________ to smoke is effective in early adolescence

Resistance to peer pressure to smoke


What are two areas of focus for antismoking programs?

Peer led programs
Use of media in smoking prevention


What antismoking program has proved most successful?

Peer led programs emphasizing the social consequences of smoking


What have smoking bans in schools accomplished?

1. Discourage students from starting to smoke
2. Reinforce knowledge of health hazards of cig smoking and environmental tobacco

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