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What is meant by DUAL, INDEPENDENT, and SINGLE FMGS modes?

Dual: normal
Independent: each FMGC being controlled (crosstalk fails) by its associated MCDU.
Single: using one FMGC only.


You are in managed mach at high altitude, how do you change to selected speed?

SPD/MACH push-button, set SPD – PULL then press the p/b because it can’t be changed in the manage mode.


How is the metric altitude displayed? Exactly what information is displayed?

- Display the FCU altitude target in meters on the ECAM, or the correct altitude and FCU/FM altitude target in meters on the PFD.


What happens if you push the V/S knob?

Immediate level-off by engaging the v/s or FPA mode with a target of zero.


What information does the yaw bar give (ground roll guidance command bar)? And when is it displayed?

In green indicates the FD yaw orders, to maintain the aircraft on the TWY centreline,
It displays <30’ RA, provided that a LOC signal is available.


When is the autopilot first available for use?

Airborne for at least 5sec and 100’RA.


When can both autopilots be selected at the same time?

When the localizer/glideslope or rollout or go-around mode is armed or engaged.


Why should the autopilot NOT be switched off on the FCU?

The visual and audio warnings are continual.


What happens to the IAS bug if FD’s & AP’s are switched OFF?

ATHR reverts to selected SPEED mode except in APPR phase.


The descent profile should lead to what IAS at 1000’ above the runway?



What is signified by the MANAGED SPD RANGE bug in a managed descent?

Defines acceptable speed variations around the nominal descent speed target. +/-20 or +5 (depends on constraints) speed target.


A managed descent in a holding pattern gives what ROD?



What do the FMAs read if a lower altitude selected, and the ALT knob on the FCU is pulled?

Thrust Idle - Open descent


When will ALT CRZ appear on the FMA?

When you level-off at the CRZ altitude as per the PROG pg.


In a managed descent the heading knob is pulled:

What will be displayed in the vertical column of the FMA?

What happens to the speed target?

Managed CLB?

Vertical column: V/S

Constraints: Speed and altitude constraints are disregarded, but speed target range is maintained.

Managed Climb: the same as above


Climbing to FL250 (on FCU): at FL225, FCU is now set to FL220. What happens? (Similar happens in descent).

A mode reversion occurs and v/s or FPA engages on current v/s or FPA.


What does SRS stand for and what does it do?

- Speed Reference System
- [To-Do]


What is G/A TRK exactly?

Guides the aircraft along the current track at go-around initiation.


With the ATHR active, actual thrust will be limited to what?

Not greater than the thrust commanded by the position of the thrust lever.

Caveat: Alpha Floor


In the armed mode, the actual thrust is equal to what?

Thrust Lever Position (TLA).


What happens to ATHR if the thrust levers are moved to idle?

The ATHR disconnects.


If the ATHR is switched OFF on the instinctive buttons, what happened to the thrust?

Thrust is immediately set to corresponding TLA.


In the CLB detent, with ATHR switched ON, what happens if the Thrust Levers are moved forward of the CLB detent? (TLA)

- ATHR reverts from active to armed.
- ATHR turns to blue on the FMA and the thrust levers control thrust directly. FMA shows MAN THR in white.


At what RA is “RETARD” heard: on an autoland? And on a manual landing?

Autoland: 10’RA
Manual: 20’RA


What is the Minimum Speed Possible with ATHR on?



What is G/S Mini?

To prevent the aircraft energy from dropping below a minimum level during final approach. Maintains a G/S rather than IAS in managed mode (increase in Head Wind = increases in Vapp).


What does a temporary white box indicate on an FMA?

- 10sec around each new annunciation.
- May increase to 15sec in some mode reversion cases associated with an aural triple click.


When does “LAND” appear on the FMA?

LOC & GS modes engaged.
LAND mode is engaged < 400’RA


The message DECELERATE on the FMA is due to?

If the thrust is not reduced when passing the top of descent and the aircraft is above the descent profile.


The message MORE DRAG on the FMA is due to?

DES mode is engaged, idle is selected and either:
- The aircraft is above the vertical profile and the predicted intercept point of the vertical profile is at less than 2NM from the next ALT CSTR, or
- In auto speed control and the aircraft enters a speedbrake decelerating segment.