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What happens if a sidestick priority button is pressed and held down?

Deactivate the other stick and take full control.


What happens if a sidestick priority button is held down for more than 40 sec?

Sidestick priority will latch on until/unless other pilot presses sidestick priority button.


What happens if both sidesticks are moved at the same time?

- The system adds the signals of both pilots algebraically. The total is limited to the signal that would result from the max deflection of a single sidestick.
- Two green lights “sidestick priority”
- “Dual input” voice message is activated.


What happens if both pilots press their press their priority buttons at the same time?

Last pilot who press the button has the priority.


How is a de-activated sidestick re-activated?

Pressing the takeover push button on either stick.


What causes the red sidestick priority arrow to illuminate?

Takover pb pushed.


What causes the green sidestick priority "FO"/"CAPT" to illuminate?

Takover pb pushed + other Pilot's sidestick is not neutral.