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In the GROUND MODE (normal law) Flight Controls movement is proportional to what?

Sidestick input (>70kts elevator limited)


What is inhibited at more than 33degrees bank?

Pitch trim stops working.


What is demanded by a Pitch / Roll Input on the sidestick in flight?

Pitch = Load factor (constant G)
Roll = Roll Rate


What happens to the flight path angle of the aircraft if the sidestick is put at neutral?

With the sidestick at neutral, wings level, the system maintains 1g in pitch, and there is no need for the pilot to trim by changing speed or configuration.


What are the G (Load Factor) Protection Limits?

Clean: +2.5g / -1g
Config: +2g / -0g


Descending through 30’RA on the approach, what happens to Pitch Control?

The system begins to reduce the pitch attitude, reducing it to 2 degrees nose down over a period of 8 seconds. This means that it takes nose-up action by the pilot to flare the aircraft.


What are the pitch attitude limits?

Config 0-3: 30 degrees nose up, 25 degrees at low speed.
Config FULL: 25 degrees nose up, 20 degrees at low speed.
Max 15 degrees nose down.


What are the protections available?

- Load factor limitations
- Pitch attitude protection
- High AoA protection
- High speed protection
- Bank Angle protection


What is the Lowest Speed achievable with “Hands Off”?

- The AP disengages at Alpha Prot. +1
- With A/THR will be VLS.


What is the lowest speed achievable with sidestick fully back?
In Alpha Prot., what does sidestick movement command?

- Alpha Max, even with fully backpressure.
- In the Alpha Prot. Range, from Alpha Prot. To Alpha Max, the sidestick commands Alpha directly.


What happens if, at Alpha Max, the sidestick is released to Neutral?

The angle of attack returns to Alpha Prot. And stays there.


What happens to the Thrust when Alpha Floor is annunciated?

Alpha Floor automatically sets go-around thrust (TOGA).


When does HI SPD Protection activate?

HI SPD protection is activated at or above VMO / MMO.
At VMO+16, any pitch down input gives you 0 degrees pitch.


What happens to the pitch if HI SPD protection is activated?

Aircraft will automatically give nose up. Nose down authority reduced. No nose down authority beyond VMO+16.


What speed will the aircraft return to following HI SPD protection with NO Sidestick inputs?

High-speed protection is deactivated, when the aircraft speed decreases below VMO/MMO.


What happens if, in HI SPD protection, the sidestick is pushed forward?

As the speed increases above VMO/MMO, the sidestick nose-down authority is progressively reduced, and a permanent nose-up order is applied to aid recovery to normal flight conditions.


What is the Max Angle of Bank?

67 degrees


What happens to the FD / FMA if more than 45 degrees bank is applied?

Autopilot disconnects and the FD bars + FMA disappear: the FD bars return when the bank angle decreases to less than 40 degrees.


What is the Maximum Bank Angle for a Level Turn with “Hands off”?

33 degrees.


What is the Maximum Bank Angle in Hi SPD Protection and Alpha Protection?

HI SPD: 40 degrees
Alpha Protection: 45 degrees