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What does the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) record?

  • Direct conversations between crewmembers in the cockpit
  • All aural warnings sounded in the cockpit
  • Communications received and transmitted by radio intercommunication
  • Conversations between crew member
  • Announcements transmitted over the PA system if PA reception is selected on the third audio control panel


When is the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) energized automatically?

  • On the ground during the first 5 minutes after the aircraft electrical network is energized
  • On the ground with one engine running
  • In flight


RMP 1 is dedicated to which VHF radios?

Aircraft with 3 RMP - VHF 1

Aircraft with 2 RMP - VHF 1 and VHF 3


Which RMP(s) are operative during an EMER ELEC CONFIG?

Only RMP 1.


One of the flight attendants in the cabin has pressed the emergency call button. What indication will you get in the flight deck?

Three long buzzers, flashing EMER CALL EMER ON, and ACP ATT lights.


How can you get the mechanics attention when he is outside the aircraft?

Use the MECH pb switch on the CALLS panel which sounds an external horn.


How do you erase the CVR?

Press the CVR ERASE pb when the aircraft is on the ground with the parking brake set.


Where are the interphone jacks located?

  • Forward electronic compartment
  • Electric compartment
  • Avionic compartment
  • Engine (L & R) belly fairing panel
  • Aft fuselage
  • Near the APU bay


Which communication radio is powered in the Emergency Electrical Configuration?



With the INT/RAD switch on the ACP in the INT position and the side stick transmit switch keyed, what will you transmit on?

The selected radio on the relevant ACP


What methods would the crew utilize to make a PA announcement?

Pressing the PA switch on the ACP and using the boom, hand, or mask microphone, or the flight deck handset dedicated to the PA system only


What is the AUDIO SWITCHING PANEL used for?

Allows for switching to ACP 3 if ACP 1 or 2 fails.


How do you record the cabin crew's PAs?

ACP 3 PA VOL knob out and in the 3 o'clock position


(note - can't actually confirm 3 o'clock reference in FCOM)


What does the illumination of the CALL light on the VHF transmission keys indicate?

the SELCAL system detects a call


Will the loudspeaker control knob control the volume of the aural alert and voice messages?



What would cause the SEL indicator to illuminate on an RMP?

Either, the RMP is trying to tune one of the other VHF radios, or someone else is trying to tune the VHF radio associated with that RMP.


How many transponders are installed?



Does illumination of the ATC FAIL light indicate on the transponder panel?

Selected transponder has failed (switch over to the other one)