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How is oxygen flow indicated?

Yellow blinker flow meter.


What is the significance of the OXY ON white flags?

And the TEST slides?

- As soon as the left flap door opens, the mask is supplied with oxygen and, once it closes (mask still supplied with oxygen).
- The function of the test slide is to test the operation of the oxygen system.


How is EMERGENCY OXYGEN flow tested?

Hold the reset/test button and press the emergency pressure selector.


Squeezing the red clips does what?

Unlocks the two flap door, and permits the harness to inflate.


How does the over pressure selector work?

- Pressing the EMERGENCY knob generates an overpressure for a few seconds.
- Turning the knob, in the direction of the arrow generates a permanent overpressure.
- Overpressure supply is automatically started when cabin altitude exceeds 30,000’
- Overpressure supply is available only when the N/100% selector is set on the 100% position.


On the SD (doors) page, "OXY" (amber) means what?

When the pressure is below a certain PSI [MSN dependent] or crew supply pb is off.


What should you do if the oxygen pressure indication has a half-box (half frame) in amber?

And REGUL LO PR is indicated?

- Turn the crew supply on by pressing the p/b on the OHP.
- Refer to FCOM Oxygen requirements to ensure you have sufficient quantity.
(Both questions)


On the overhead panel, "SYS ON" indication means what?

Cabin oxygen masks have been deployed.