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What is the significance of the column 4 symbols?

a) (O)
b) (M)

a) (O) - Ops procedure (Flight Crew)
b) (M) - Maintenance procedure (Engineers)


What does the abbreviation "ER" stand for?

Extended Range


Would you use the MMEL to assess "Go" capability?

No - MEL more restrictive


What is the meaning of the following 5 repair intervals?
a, b, c, d, -

a) No standard interval specified, however items in this category shall be rectified in accordance with the dispatch conditions stated in the MEL.
b) 3 days
c) 10 days
d) 120 days
-) Non-airworthiness items or BA-specific items outside of the MMEL

The interval starts at 00:01 on the day after discovery.