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How many SFCC's are there? How many channels in each?

- 2 SFCC
- 1 slat channel and 1 flap channel
- Each computer controls half of the actuators for
each surface.


What happens if both channels of an SFCC fail?

If one SFCC is inoperative, slats and flaps both operate at ½ speed.


What causes a Wing Tip Brake to activate? How is it reset to normal?

- Activated in case of asymmetry, mechanism overspeed, symmetrical runaway, uncommanded movement of the surfaces.
- On the ground, by engineer.


Do flaps and slats have separate W.T.Bs?



How does Automatic Flap Retraction work?

When in config 1+F, the flaps retract to 0 automatically at 210kts before reaching VFE.


Is there any automatic slat retraction?



What is the resulting Flap/Slat config. When Config 1 is selected?

On the ground: 1+F (slats + flaps)
In the air: only slats


What does A-LOCK (green) indication on the EWD?

A-Lock prevents the retraction of the slats from CONF 1 to zero if the speed is low or angle of attack is too high

“A-LOCK” pulses in Green (cyan in older sims) when the slat alpha/speed lock function is activated.


What is the effect on the sidestick / rudder pedals with the autopilot engaged?

Increases the brake out force on the side stick controllers and the rudder pedals.


What is VFE next? How is it represented?

VFE next = max speed to select the next stage of flap.
Amber = sign on the IAS.


What are the FLAP limiting speeds and maximum altitude for extension?

FLAP 1 1+F 2 3 FULL
SPEED 230 215 200 185 177
Maximum altitude to use flaps: 20,000’


What is indicated in blue/green on the flap indicator?

Blue - selected position of flap lever.
Green - Actual position of flaps.