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On the ground, what does the “hollow cross” on the PFD indicate? Why is this information displayed?

Sidestick positions.


On the spoiler indications, an amber triangle means what?

Spoiler fault deflected AND the spoilers are extended.


What is indicated by a three-quarters box (amber) around the hydraulic actuator (on the SD)?

Failure of the associated computer or actuator.


What do two green “half triangles” on the Rudder Scale (on the SD) indicate?

Rudder travel limiter.


What is indicated by a blue line on the Rudder part of the SD?

Rudder trim position.


What causes the Ailerons to Droop to 5 degrees?

Neutral position of the ailerons, in any configuration other than clean.


What causes the memo SPEED BRK to appear in amber?

Appears when the speed brakes should be retracted - speedbrakes against power.