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How is gravity extension achieved? And what happens to the doors?

- When a crew turns the crank
o It isolates the landing gear hydraulics from the green hydraulic system
o Unlocks the LG doors + gears
o Allows gravity to drop the gear into extended position.
- The gear doors remain open for the rest of the flight.


On the GEAR panel what is indicated by a red UNLK light? What is the information source?

- UNLK (red) if the gear is not locked in the selected position.
- Panel is connected to LGCIU1, receives signals from proximity detectors.


How many green triangles are there per gear?

How many do you need to confirm that the gear is down?




When on take-off, does N.W. steering become inhibited?

- At 80kts for hand wheels
- At 130kts for rudder pedals.


How much N.W. Steering is available through: Rudder Pedals / Steering Hand wheel?

Rudder pedals: +/- 6 degrees
Steering hand wheel: +/- 75 degrees


What happens to the Nosewheel Angle if both pilots make simultaneous movements of the rudder or steering hand wheel?

Orders added algebraically summed.


What happens when the button on a steering hand wheel is pressed?

Removes control of nose wheel steering from the rudder pedals.


When is NW STRG DISC amber? When is it green?

- Amber if one engine is running
- When in the towing position (no engine running)


When does AUTOBRAKE automatically disarm?

T/O: after lift off

LDG: spoilers.
Taxi: brake pedals
- Flight crew presses the p/b switch
- One or more arming conditions is lost.
- Enough deflection to brake pedal.
- After T/O and touch and go.


What triggers AUTOBRAKE system operation?

- At the command for ground spoilers extension for LO and MED.
- At the command for ground spoilers extension AND airspeed is above 40kts, for MAX mode.


How long can the accumulator hold the park brake on?

At least 12 hours.


With PARK BRAKE set, is Pedal Braking operative?

Yes. If the parking brake is activated and no yellow hydraulic or accumulator brake pressure is available, then the normal braking system can be applied via the brake pedals.


When does the DECEL light illuminate?

Comes on when 80% of decel rate achieved.


What delays occur in LO, MED & MAX before braking starts?

LO – 4secs after spoilers deployment
MED – 2secs after spoilers deployment
MAX – immediately after ground spoiler deployment


MAX autobrake is only used when?

At Takeoff


When the ECAM says “L/G – GRVTY EXTN” what should you do?

Follow the QRH.


What is indicated by vertical amber lines, showing each side of a wheel number, on the SD?

Brake released fault.


What is indicated by a green / amber arc on the SD?

- The green arc appears on the hottest wheel when one brake temp exceeds 100 degrees.
- Becomes amber, with an ECAM caution, when corresponding brake temperature exceeds 300 degrees.


With BRAKES HOT indicated, what must be delayed?

- Parking brake, T/O.
- Delay T/O until temperature below 300 degrees without fans, or 150 degrees with fans.


What are the limiting speeds for a) tyres (groundspeed) b) gear up / down selection c) gear locked down d) safety valve operation?

a) 195kts
b) 220 / 250kts
c) 280kts, M.67
d) 260kts


Maximum brake pressure if ANTI-SKID is inoperative?



What are the immediate actions if the brakes fail with Autobrake on/off?

Loss of Braking memory items