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What are the four elements of the safe landing policy?

1 - IFLD
2 - Stable approach criteria
3 - Safe touchdown
4 - Safe rollout


What are the stable approach criteria?

At 1000' the aircraft must be:
- Established on the vertical profile
- In landing configuration
- At the approach speed*

*When adhering to an ATC speed profile, or in cases of unusual wind conditions, the a call of "SPEED" may be used at 1000' provided that:
- The speed is close and reducing
- You are confident that the speed will reach Vapp by 500'


Regarding the safe landing policy, what constitutes a safe touchdown?

- Within the touchdown zone
- On the centreline
- Trajectory to stay within runway edges
- Within aircraft structural limits
- Correct pitch attitude (319 + 320 <10 ... 321 <7.5)

Note - in the FCOM the wording is as follows:

Main Gear Touchdown within the Touchdown Zone

Main Gear Touchdown and trajectory within runway edge is guaranteed.

Normal Runway contact within the aircraft geometric landing limits.