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What causes a SEL light on an RMP to illuminate?

The SEL light indicator on both RMPs comes on amber when a transceiver, normally associated with one RMP, is tuned by another.


How many Transmission keys (ACP) can be illuminated (green) at any one time?

Only 1


When do CALL / MECH / ATT lights (amber) illuminate?

The legend flashes amber and buzzer sounds for a call from the nose-gear bay, when the SELCAL system detects a call, when a call from a cabin crew member for 60 sec, if not reset.


How many COMM / NAV radios can you listen to at the same time.



ACP – what does the RESET key do?

Pressing this key to extinguishes CALL, MECH and ATT lights.


How does the INT / RAD key work on the ACP? And on the sidestick?

a push-to-talk switch for boom mike or oxygen mask mike.
INT: boom and mask mikes transmit on interphone regardless of which transmission key is selected.
RAD: press and hold, boom and mask mikes transmit on the radio selected on the ACP.


What does the ON VOICE key do?

Allows the flight crew to inhibit the audio navigation signals (VOR, ADF), pressing this key filters out ident signals and turns the green ON light.


What should you do if an ACP fails?

Audio switch panel, the crew can switch to the third ACP if #1 or #2 fails, it takes away the third occupant access to the acoustic equipment. Audio 3 x FRD appears in green on the ECAM MEMO display.


What happens when a FWD / AFT button is pressed on the CALLS panel?

two lights come in pink on the FWD or AFT area call panel, as applicable.
On the Attendant Indication Panel (AIP), the ‘CAPTAIN CALL’ message appears and a light comes on in green.
A high-low chime sounds in the FWD or AFT section of the cabin.


What happens if the Cabin Staff initiates an emergency call to the flight deck?

The following aural and visual alerts will trigger in the cockpit:
On the EMER call pb-sw, the ON light flashes in white.
The CALL light flashes in amber
The ATT lights will flash on all ACPS
Three buzzers (except T/O or LDG) sound.


How does the PA TX Key operate?

Pressed and held, may use a boom, mask, or hand mike to make an announcement
Three green lines come on.
Handset without action on the acps.


What happens if a Radio Transmitter sticks ON?

Level 2 ECAM after 40s transmitting VHF or 180s HF.


What should you do if an RMP fails?

Switch off the affected RMP and use the other one.
One RMP can control all receivers.


Which radios can be tuned from which RMP?


Each RMP can control any VHF transceiver, RMP1 and 2 are connected directly to all VHF transceivers.
RMP3 is connected to them via RMP 1 and 2.
Only RMP 1 functions in EMER ELEC config.