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How many hydraulics actuators for AILERON, ELEVATOR, RUDDER?

Aileron: 2 (B+G) (G+B)
Elevator: 2 (B+G) (Y+B)
Rudder: 3 (B+Y+G)
Total: 11


What happens to an operating elevator if the other elevator is faulty?

If one elevator fails, the deflection of the remaining elevator is limited in order to avoid asymmetric loads.
If the active servo jack fails, the damped one becomes active, and the failed jack is automatically switched to damping mode.


If there is no electrical control to an elevator, what happens to it?

If neither jack is being controlled electrically, both are automatically switched to the centring mode.


What happens to a spoiler that loses hydraulic pressure when extended or retracted?

The spoiler retains the deflection it had at the time of the loss, or a lesser deflection if aerodynamic forces push it down.


What happens if a spoiler fault is detected?

When a spoiler surface on one wing fails, the symmetric one on the other wing is inhibited.


Following speedbrake auto-retraction, how is speedbrake operation re-established?

Until the inhibition condition disappears and the pilots reset the lever. The speedbrake can be extended again in 10sec or more after the lever is reset.


What restricts the rate of speedbrake retraction?

When flying faster than 315kts or M.75 with AP engaged, the speedbrake retraction rate is reduced to 25sec.


What triggers ground spoiler deployment (when ARMED)?

What triggers ground spoiler deployment (when not ARMED)?

When >72kt, deploys when both thrust idle.
If not armed, >72kt, when one reverse and one on idle.

Thrust levers are at idle, both landing gear touch down. If not armed, one on idle, one on reverse.


What is the relationship between rudder trim and autopilot?

With the AP engaged, the FMGC computes the rudder trim orders. The rudder trim rotary switch and the rudder trim reset push-button are not active. (No manual rudder trim).


What is the function of the rudder travel limiter?

The rudder and pedal deflection limit depends on speed. To prevent overstress by limiting movement when at higher speed.
Each channel of the limiter is controlled and monitored by its associated FAC. If both FACs fail, max deflection is available, when slats are extended.


What happens to Rudder Limiter if FAC 1 & 2 fails at 340kts? How is this restriction removed?

Rudder is restricted to last known value.
If both FACs fail, max deflection is available when slats are extended.


Which spoilers are used for ROLL / GD SPOILIERS / SPD BRKS?

Roll: 2 – 3 – 4 – 5
Ground spoilers: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 (ALL)
Speed brakes: 2 – 3 – 4


What happens to a spoiler that loses hydraulic pressure when extended or retracted?

Affected spoiler(s) will remain in its last position, unless pushed down by aerodynamic forces.


On the F/CTL SD page, what does an amber TRIANGLE above a spoiler indicate?
(Note: some aircraft will show a number AND a triangle.. In this case, Triangle takes priority)

Spoiler is failed and EXTENDED.


On the F/CTL SD page, what does an amber NUMBER (no Triangle) above a spoiler indicate?

Spoiler is failed and RETRACTED.


What does an amber X above a spoiler on the F/CTL SD page indicate?

Spoiler position is not valid.