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How can neurotransmitters explain initiation of smoking?

- Dopamine give you a sense of pleasure
- A memory forms which is linked to what you were doing at the time dopamine was released (linked to motor actions)
- Regal pathway is responsible for making sure you repeat the behaviour by connecting regions of the brain that control memory and behaviour


How can Miyata's study help to explain initiation?

Nicotine inclusion in rats to see relationship between dopamine and serotonin in the lateral hypothalamic area (LHA)
- Dopamine increased in LHA - shows how memory can be formed which is linked to dopamine to cause initiation


How can neurotransmitters explain maintenance?

- When you smoke the brain creates nicotine receptors which continue to grow and always need nicotine
- Person continues to smoke to relate the feeling of stress caused by the desire for nicotine
- Brain area which normally inhibits risky behaviour is impaired, causing smokers to choose the immediate reward of nicotine without thinking of the consequences


How does Miyata's study help to explain maintenance?

Stopping the nicotine caused dopamine to decrease = makes person feel low and stressed so continues to smoke to maintain high


How do neurotransmitters explain relapse?

- A specific motor action that is linked to dopamine such as rolling a cigarette can cause you to replace back into the behaviour
- Addicts are highly sensitive to reminders of past highs
- Smokers are at high risk of relapse when stressed


How does Miyata's study help to explain relapse?

If smoking increases dopamine a memory/motor action linked to it may release dopamine causing the individual to smoke to gain higher levels of dopamine