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Firfty acres of free land granted by the Virginia Company to planters for each indentured servant they purchased


Indentured servants

Poor immigrants who signed contracts known as indentures. They would work 4-7 years in America before being transported to England.


House of Burgesses

Organ of government in colonial Virginia made up of an assembly of colony's male inhabitants


Virginia Company

A joint-stock company organized by London investors. In 1606 King James I ordered to establish English colonies in North America. (Virginia) Investors hoped to enrich themselves and strengthen England economically and politically



First permanent English settlement in North America, established in 1607 by colonists sponsored by the Virginia Company. Granted by King James of England.


Algonquian Indians

People who inhabited the coastal plain of present-day Virginia, near the Chesapeake Bay, when English colonists first settled the region


Royal Colony

A colony ruled by a king or queen and governed by officials appointed to serve the monarchy and represent its interests


Navigation Acts

English laws passed in the 1650s and 1660s saying that English colonial goods be shipped through English ports on English ships in order to benefit English merchants, shippers, and seamen.


Bacon's rebellion

An unsuccessful rebellion against the colonial government in 1676 led by frontier Nathanal Bacon, that arose when increased violence between Indians and colonists pushing westward


Pueblo Revolt

Happened in New Mexico under the leadership of Pope for the Indians. They were fed up with Spanish missionaries making them build churches and convert to Christianity so they killed two thirds of them and ruined chirstian symbols



Became an enormous sugar producer and a source of wealth for England. The slaves quickly became island's majority of population.


What did Carolina plant that made planters very rich?



Lord Baltimore

Was granted 6.5 million acres and wanted to create a catholic refuge for people discriminated against in England. They were sent to Maryland and started a second Tobacco Economy


John Rolfe

Created planter (tobacco) Society in 1612 and married Pocahontas


Plymouth Plantation

The first pilgrims got to Plymouth in 1620. The first winter was rough but they were rescued by Indians (Wampanoag) and their chief Massasoit. The Indians and pilgrims lived together in peace and in 1630 Plymouth was a small settlement, although not many others Puritans were attracted to it


The Mayflower Compact

The pilgrims drew it up the day that they arrived to Plymouth. Written by the saints fleeing from King James of England.


The English Reformation

Basically it is separating from King James initiated by King Henry VIII that included banning the Catholic Church



Carolina was mainly a state that people got rich off of rice. John Colleton was one of the first immigrants there. Early immigrants came from Barbados


Revolt in Spanish Borderland

Missionaries of Spain in New Mexico and Florida kept trying to baptize the Indians so they formed the Pueblo Revolt. They killed 2 thirds of the missionaries and burned many religious symbols as well


Lord Baltimore

Wanted to form refuge against the Catholics discriminated against in England. He was granted 6.5 million acres of land but it did not turn out the way he planned. Many people who moved here still turned out to be protestant.


John Rolfe

Created planter society (tobacco in 1612) in Chesapeake.


Sugar in Barbados

Barbados was known as the sugar islands. Planters often had 115 slaves working at one plant. 3/4 of Barbados became slaves. This is also where chattel slavery was introduced


Tobacco Society

John Rolfe started it all up in 1612. By 1617, the first commercial shipment went to England. Virginia became huge into growing tobacco because the land was much more abundant in Virginia than in England. Headright was also introduced in Virginia. Headright was the colonies trying to get immigrants over to America so if they came, they would be granted 50 acres of land. By 1670, Tobacco started to polarize


John Smith

Was captured by the Powhatan Indians after arriving to Jamestown in their territory. They were going to kill him until the chiefs daughter Pocahontas saved John Smith.


Powhatan Indians

Powhatan Indians helped the first colonists of Jamestown, but they did not hesitate to use violence if they needed to. They even captured John Smith (captain of English colonists) and almost killed him.