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Abraham and Sarah (Gen 12)

God calls on Abraham to leave his homeland with the promise that he will make him a blessing to his descendants and also the world. (Story of Abraham highlights the faithfulness and trustworthiness of God.)


The Abrahamic Covenant (Gen 17) (the promise)

God renew a promise of a son to Sarah and Abraham after Sarah has reached Menopause and Abraham is 100 years old


The Ancestors:

Abraham and Sarah
The Abrahamic Covenant
Issac and Rebekah
Jacob, Rachel, and Leah
The 12 sons of Jacob become the ancestors of Tribes (Genesis)


Name of the God. (From Moses)

Receives the name of the God from the burning bush---(Yahweh). (Genesis)


Origin of Passover Celebration

Moses is sent to Egypt to work with the Pharaoh and get the Israelites (Hebrews) out of slavery. The Pharaoh of course will not let the slaves go, but Moses warns him what is to come. (Exodus)


The final plague (over the Passover)

The final plague is that the first born child in every family in Egypt will die; except for those who perform the correct ritual Moses tells the Israelites to slaughter a lamb and smear its blood on their doorframes so that the angel will pass without taking their first born (Exodus12)


Pharaoh's heart hardened

God caused Pharaoh to refuse to let Isreal go. (Exodus)


The Mosaic Covenant

1.) God has given Moses the Decalogue. 2.) The covenant code. 3.) Moses Intersections 4.)The Tabernacle 5.) Beginning on monotheism (Ywl) 6.) Covenant and Grace (Law)


The Decalogue (part of Mosaic)

The Ten Commandments (Law)


The Covenant Code (Mosaic)

People cannot worship other gods (Law)


Moses' Interactions (Mosaic)

God is angry with his people and Moses makes sure nothing happens otherwise he would be the god that killed the people out in a desert. Moses says that if he needs to kill anyone kill me. (Exodus)


The Tabernacle (Mosaic)

A worship structure


Ritual Purity and the Holiness code

Various sacrifices that need to be made before entering a tabernacle (Leviticus)


Ritual purity

Being pure enough to enter a place a God. Being sinful does not always mean being pure.


The holiness Code (Lev 17-26)

Living a moral life and being distinctive. Not doing "what everyone else is doing" in order to show who we are as Christians


Deuteronomy meaning

2nd law


Deuteronomy: Form

It is a farwell address from Moses


Deuteronomy: Content

Restatment of the law


Deuteronomy: message

The covenant requires obedience and disobedience


The Shema

A single sentence summary of Israel's..."Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord alone" Basically saying we have just one God


Sodom and Gomorrah

The story here is that the one guy gets raped without anything to protect him. Just know that it signifies how it isn't cool to harm the powerless


Esau and Jacob

Jacob and Esau are the twins of Isaac and Rebekah and Esau is the older and better son. Somehow Jacobs ass gets the call from God to be the man. He is shipped off to Egypt where his family grows into a huge ass fam


Jacob's return

After Jacob comes back to where he met his wives, he asks for his servence pay and the dude (Laban) says hellllzl no. He then steals some animals and runs off with the fam. Note: Jacobs wives were Rachel (the younger one) Lead (the older one)


Overall Theme of Genesis

The stories show that Gods relationship with Israel rests with his word. It also explains the stories of how the whole family got to Egypt


Mount Sinai

Moses goes up Mount Sinai with his brother Aaron to talk to God about the Covenant. Aaron eventually comes down the mountain and its just Moses. Aaron and the decsiples decide after a while that they don't think Moses is coming back. Aaron builds a Gold Calf to worship then. God is furious after this. But Note: God never abandons his people even when they are ungrateful to him.


The Golden Calf

After Moses comes down he is furious with the disciples and cuts up the calf and puts it in their drinking water. After a while he starts to tell the people about the teachings of what he learned after they leave Mount Horeb.