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What is the meaning of Deuteronomy? Form? Content? Message?

It means 2nd law. It was a farwell address from Moses. The content was a restatement of the law. Message was covenant requires obedience and disobedience provokes punishment


The Shema

Single Sentence in Judism meaning "we have one god"


Ark of the Covenant

The box contained religious artifacts. When Eli's sons died carrying it in battle, the Philistines took it. God worked through it to show his power



God repeatedly rescues the people even after their unfaithfulness


Herod the Greats 3 sons

Phillip, Archelaus, and Herod Antipas.


Herod the Great

Overall, the people of Judaism did not like Herod. He put up many renovations to the Jeurusalem temple that was later destroyed in 70 CE.