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Made up of Joshua, Judges Samuel, and Kings. The main focus point in Deuteronomy is that God will care for you as long as you stay obedient to him.



Joshua is mainly focused on the conquest of the land of Canaan. Preparation results in that all men need to be circumcised and need to celebrate the Passover before they can go to war. The overall gist of Joshua is that God wants people to realize how powerful he is to those who worship him


Battle of Jericho

Joshua has the Israelites walk around Canaan for 7 days (once a day) and on the 7th day they all blow their horns and the walls fall to the ground. After this, Archan decide he will take the spoils of Canaan when they were for God since he won them the battle. After they lose the next battle, Joshua asks why they lost, and God tells them that someone stole the spoils. Archan and his family are executed.



In Judges, there is a cycle that happens at least 12 times. It is the cycle of unfaithfulness, oppression, and restoration.



She is the only Judge. The purpose is to show that Women are also among the people whom God speaks through. (Judges)



Gideon is an Israelite to whom an angel came to. Gideon did not believe that the angel was sent from God so he asks the angel to prove it. After God does many things to prove to Gideon that it is God. Gideon has to battle the Midianites, so he gets an army of 122,000. God eventually dwindles that down to 300 to prove that the victory would in fact come from him. The story ends with God demonstrating patience and mercy because the victory didn't teach them to only worship one God, yet God gave them 40 years of peace. (Judges)



Loses bet at his wedding so kills 30 people for their clothes. When he comes back a Philistine had married his wife. For revenge, he ruined all the Philistines crops for a year. Once they caught him, they cut of all his hair (which is what made him powerful) and held a party to kill him. But his hair had grown back and he killed himself along with all the Philistine's. This frees the Israelites. The story shows how God continues to act graciously toward the Israelites by using a person with huge flaws to free the people (Judges)


Atrocity and Gibeah

This story is about the women who was raped and cut into 12 pieces before being shipped back to the Israelites. (Final story of the book) and says that people did what was right in their own eyes. (Judges)



Promises a son to a barren woman.. She has a baby and his name is Samuel (Samuel)


Ark of the Covenant

Signifies the success that the Israelites have, and their relationship with God. Eli's sons die carrying it into war against the Philistines. (And Eli dies when he hears the news) The Philistines take it back to the presence of their God (Dagon) but after a while God keeps doing stuff through the Ark and a plague breaks out. This is suppose to signify how powerful God is. (Samuel)


Samuel appoints a King (Saul)

Samuel is in charge in Israel after Eli dies, and he appoints Saul as king. (even after he warns them that this will have consequences.) Saul later makes a big mistake and takes the spoils of a winning battle when God asked him to destroy it. God Rejects Saul as King, but Saul reigns anyway. (Samuel)



David is who Samuel appoints. Saul is furious with this and tries to kill David many times. David eventually goes and fights as a general for a different country. Saul is defeated and David is the ruler with Ishbaal who dies 7 years later. David's reign lasts for 40 years which becomes standard for judging faithfulness toward God. (Samuel)


Kings 1-2

This is the last book in Deuteronomy and it focuses on how many Kings would worship more than one god and their people would follow that belief. (Which is the most evil thing you could do in God's eyes)



A king in which god grants him great wealth, wisdom, and a long life. Solomon disobeys God when he builds many temples for his wives so that they can worship more than one God. God responds to his unfaithfulness by saying that the kingdom will be taken away from his descendants (Kings)


Elijah and Ahab

Ahab reigns in the Northern kingdom and worships other gods beside god (Baal and Asherah). Elijah informs everyone that God is sending a 3 year drought because of the worship towards Baal. (Kings) Elijah then keeps a widow and her son alive during the drought through oil and flour...when the widows son dies he raises him from the dead.


Elijah at Mount Carmel

At mount Carmel Elijah challenges people of Baal and people of Asherah religion which God was real. After God won the challenge, Elijah had the people of Baal killed. (Kings)


End of the Northern Kingdom

The nation falls in 722 B.C.E because of unfaithfulness to the Covenant. God allows the Assyrians to take defeat their army and take their land.


End of the Southern Kingdom

Judah looked like it was going down with Israel until Josiah came in and destroyed the belief of Baal and Asherah. Josiah died before his 40 years were up and people went back to worshiping many Gods. Within 5 years, the Babylons took over Judah. (587 B.C.E)