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What is the difference between Archaology vs History?

History is involved with documents, journals, and letters. Archalogy is the study of pottery, tools, bones, and other physical evidence


Where did most Native American Ansestors migrate from?/ how did they get here?

Asia. Beringea, Coastal Sea Travel, Trans-atlantic accidents


What kind of game did Pael-Indians hunt? What was their two main weapons

They hunted large came. Utilized Clovis point and Atlatl


What did Southwest Pueblo Peoples eat/ live

They irrigated crops for stable food supply. They lived in cliff dwellings.


Who were the Mississippian Mound-Builders?

Advanced Native American people


Who were the Southeast tribes?

The Iroquois. Village life was settled. The woman had land and power.


Plains Tribes? What did they have in common/different

Tribal social structure. They are territorial but no land ownership. Absence of writing. They were mainly hunters.


How did the Mesoamerican culture work? (The Mexica)

They were hierarchical warrior society. Based on War and Tribute. Wealth created advanced society