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Deceleration of Independence 5 person committee

Johns Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston.
sub commitee: Jefferson and Adams. Jefferson writes the document


Deceleration of Independence 4 categories

Preamble, statement of political policy, list of grievances, formal statement of independence


Sally Hummings

Jefferson had an affair with her during the election. She was a slave.


1st self evident truth

all men are created equally. Jefferson means that no one is born into the power of someone else


2nd self evident truth

the consent of the governed. This means that the government can only make laws if the people are okay with it


3rd self evident truth

this says that it is the citizens rights to overthrow the government if they do not agree with the governments acts


Problems with the original articles of confederation

no president and no judicial branch which made it hard to have a final say in anything as the war drew closer. Each state had its own delegates but no one president


3 main issues with articles of confederation to become a state

1.) cannot collect federal taxes
2.) no common currency
3.) lack of interstate commerce


Virginia Plan

This favored larger states. It called for the larger states to have much more power in the law than the smaller states and it was proposed by James Madison (bicameral legislature)


New Jersey Plan

This said that each state should get one vote. Equal representation in government.


Great Compromise

This combined the ideas from the Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan. Representatives from each state would be determined based on size of state, and Senate would be equal between all states. This was proposed by Roger Sherman


Federalist papers...Publius

Collection of 85 articles and essays written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay which were originally unanimous. These articles promoted the ratification of the constitution..Publius is an accient man but his name meant "friend of the people"


Main anti-federalist argument against the constitution

That it is pro slavery. Farmers also argued that if there is a new national currency then it would lower the prices on their product. Another issue is that instead of modifying the current constitution, there is a whole new one being built.


Federalist Ten (James Madison) "extend the sphere"

If there are more people then there will be more diversity. This means less common interest. The less common interest means the less likely it is for the people to override the government. There will not be a permanent majority in the "extend the sphere" phenomenon


Federalist 51 "Ambition must be made to counteract ambition"

What he means by this is that people should stay independent.. no group should become so powerful to tilt the interest of all other groups


What are the diseases of republicanism?

instability, injustice, and confusion. Factions. laws that are unjust to the people


US Constitution Dealing with slavery

The 3/5 compromise is passed. Saying that for every 5 slaves, 3 people are counted. This is due to having representatives in each state


Missouri Constitution vs US Constitution

Missouri Constitution (amended over 160 times) deals with policies, not just government. Constitution has been amended in 1821, 1865, 1875, 1945.


What does federalism mean?

that a strong federal government should be in charge


Article 1 Section 8

pretty much says that the government can take taxes


Article 6

covers supremacy laws. If there is conflict between state and federal law, then the federal court wins


Dred Scott (1857)

Moves to Wisconsin where he is to become a free man, but then his master moves back to Missouri. Scott wins orginally because of once free always free, but black do not have the power to win in court so he is made a slave once again


McCullach v Maryland (1819)

Congress tries to make a federal bank and Maryland says that it is not "neccassary and proper" but court side with McCullach


Dual Federalism

The powers are seperate.No sharing of power. This gave rise to the power of government at each level


cooperative federalism

federal-state relationship that stressed the state and federal partnership in solving social issues


categorical grants

Federal programs that provide funds for specific programs such as flood assistance, food for the poor, and highway safety


Block Grants

Federal programs that provide funds for broad categories of assistance such as welfare or law enforcement. The reason for this is so that the government has more flexibility in how that money is spent


Devolution Federalism

modest efforts to limit powers of government.