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What were the slaughter house cases?

A New Orleans butchery is given a monopoly. Opponents used the 14th amendment to argue.


What are the two suffrage associations?

National Women's Suffrage Association and American Women's Suffrage Association


The Reconstruction era failed to what?

provide former slaves full and complete freedom.


When Andrew Johnson became president, he was in disagreement with whom?

the Radical Republicans


The Southern laws designed to keep former slaves in a virtual state of servitude were known as?

black codes


A critical element in the Republican presidential victory in the election of 1868 was what?

the overwhelming support that former slaves gave to the party in the South.


The Fourteenth Amendment did what?(4)

confer american citizenship on all those born or naturalized in the US
repudiate the Confederate debt
deny former Confederates the right to hold state or national office
reduce state representation in Congress for those states disfranchising male citizens.


By the end of Reconstruction the Democratic Party had what?

regained political control over all the former Confederate states.


The "crop lien" system did what?

compelled most southerners to plant cotton, which undermined the economic vitality of the region.


The Depression of 1873 resulted from what?

commercial over expansion and speculative investment in railroads.


In the 1870's, the Republican Party suffered because why?

economic problems and scandals within the party


The Compromise of 1877 rejected what?

the concept that the federal government would protect the rights of all Americans.


What was the intentions of the Tenure of Office act?(3)

to restrict the power of the president to dismiss Cabinet members
to catch Johnson on something in order to impeach him
to protect Stanton from dismissal


What did the force acts do?

allow the federal government the use of the military against the KKK.


Who was Hiram Revels?

the first person of color to serve in the United States Senate, and in the U.S. Congress overall


Who were Scalawags?

southern whites who supported Reconstruction and the Republican Party 


Who were Exodusters?

a name given to African Americans who migrated from states along the Mississippi River to Kansas in the late nineteenth century