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Chapter 1 . Pre-Columbian Societies
When the europeans arrived in nor...,
Studies that compare dna have rev...,
A major event that occurred in no...
9  cards
Chapter 2 Colonial Beginnings
What was ann hutchinson trialed for,
What is the difference between th...,
What happened to the english colo...
37  cards
Chapter 3-4 Colonial North America
What is the columbian exchange,
What was the triangular trade,
What is chattel slavery
25  cards
Chapter 5-6 Cultures of the Colonies
What were some of the items and t...,
What european power had better re...,
What was the natives largest concern
84  cards
Chapter 7 American Revolution
One advantage the united states e...,
The most important element of the...,
The largest number of loyalists w...
51  cards
Chapter 8 A New Nation
What happened to the economy,
What was the first meeting after ...,
What was the second meeting after...
72  cards
Chapter 9 An Agrarian Republic
Who owned the louisiana territory...,
What was the first african indepe...,
Who was the leader of the rebelli...
85  cards
Chapter 10-13 Slavery in the South
What fuels the industrial revolut...,
What is the advantage of intercha...,
When did the importation of slave...
67  cards
Chapter 11-12 Formation of Politics & Expansion
How many political parties did am...,
Where did andrew jackson live in ...,
What election did andrew jackson ...
65  cards
Chapter 14 Expansion
What two states were once nations...,
What was the original name of cal...,
Why is the battle of the alamo si...
44  cards
Chapter 15-16 Civil War
Who came up with the compromise o...,
What are the parts of the comprom...,
What are the parts of the comprom...
85  cards
Chapter 17 Reconstruction
What were the slaughter house cases,
What are the two suffrage associa...,
The reconstruction era failed to ...
17  cards
Chapter 18 Westward Expansion
What was the pony express,
What killed the pony express,
What event did the indian wars be...
29  cards
Chapter 19 The Incorporation of America
What did herbert spencer believe 3,
What was the idea behind rugged i...,
What term did mark twain use to d...
33  cards
Chapter 20
Who was jay cook,
Did the government help out the f...,
What was the largest railroad str...
25  cards
Chapter 21 Progressive Era
Who founded one of the first sett...,
What was the main goal of the set...,
What is teddy roosevelt s nickname
28  cards
Chapter 22 World War I
What was the critical cause of th...,
What was the immediate cause for ...,
The american war effort reflected...
27  cards
Chapter 23 20's
What was the main result of natio...,
What did the immigration laws of ...,
In the 1920 s the ku klux klan de...
33  cards
Chapter 24 30's and Depression
What happened on black tuesday,
Who is dorthea lange,
What was the bonus army
39  cards
Chapter 25 World War II
During most of the 1930 s frankli...,
The war powers act established what,
What was the us strategy employed...
39  cards
Chapter 26-27 Cold War
What is the international monetar...,
What is the world bank,
What is the united nations
40  cards
Chapter 28
What is de facto,
What is de jure,
Who was the first african america...
30  cards
Chapter 29
What was the gulf of tonkin resol...,
Who were the vietcong,
What was operation rolling thunder
33  cards

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