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What is the Columbian Exchange

The Columbian Exchange is the exchanging between the new world and Europe: Slaves, diseases, food and plants, goods, gold and silver, animals, people


What was the Triangular Trade?

The Triangular trade is the trade of the exchange of slaves for raw materials for processed in New England and England. It is a way to make massive profit in the Mercantilism system.


What is Chattel Slavery

The type of slavery used in America. It is based on the term of property. The children of slaves are still slaves.


What is Benign Salutary Neglect

The Colonies are trading and getting around the laws without hurting anyone.


What does Mum Bett do?

a slave that sues for freedom


How did Slaves rebel? (2 ways)

by slowing down the process- Covert
outright- Overt


Why did the Pueblo Revolt fail to drive out the Spanish?

they had become so dependent on the military of the Spanish


Who is the French agent who helped establish French relations with the Huron tribe?

Samuel de Champlain


Where is the Chesapeake region?

South Maryland and North Virginia


Which commodity proved to be profoundly important to the history of Virginia?



What is the Headright system?

if one pays for a male to come over (indentured servants), then you gain 60 acres of land


During the seventeenth century, most migrants to the Chesapeake colonies were

indentured servants


In dealing with Indians, the primary concern of New England colonists was?

acquiring land for the expanding settlements.


The Puritans who settled in North America thought what about Education?

that it was critical and set up a sophisticated education system.


The majority of people who came to America prior to 1800 were from where?



The vast majority of Africans bound into slavery by who?

other Africans who traded their Victims to other Europeans.


Why did South Carolina embrace African slavery early in the colony's history?

so that Africans could help in the production of indigo and rice.


Why were the Iroquois Confederacy extremely powerful?

they utilized the weaponry of the Europeans.


What resulted from King William's and Queen Anne's Wars?

the wars heightened Anglo-Americans' sense of British identity and made them feel dependent on the mother country for protection.


In the 1750s, the relationship between the British Empire and the American colonies was characterized by what?

most Americans believed that the benefits of the empire far outweighed the costs.


King Philip's War of 1675-1676 was fought to?

establish English control over the Indians in New England.


What best describes the power generally exercised by British colonial governors in the American colonies?

they exercised less power than they were permitted because of legislative control of taxing and spending.


The Salem Village witchcraft crisis occurred why?

experiencing feelings of powerlessness and insecurity, many Puritans found in witchcraft an explanation for the disorder and change around them.


What barrier keeps the British on the east coast?

Appalachian mountains


Where are the Dutch settled?

New Amsterdam (New York)