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1. John F. Kennedy

president from 1961-1963 was assassinated in Texas by Lee Harvey Oswald


2. New Frontier

John F. Kennedy's social reform plan that he used in his acceptance speech


3. Lyndon Johnson

vice president from 1961-1963 and president from 1963-1968 took over after JFK


4. Great Society

Lyndon B. Johnson's social reform program that was suspended due to LBJ trying to win favor with americans


5. Medicare and Medicaid

government assisting programs that provide health insurance for the poor and the elderly


6. Community Action Program

A plan by LBJ to help empower low income people by allowing them to have a say in the programs assisting them


7. Department of Housing and Urban Development

federal executive branch responsible for home finance and promoting Civil Rights in housing


8. Immigration Act of 1965

abolished an earlier ranking system based on nation origin established new immigration policy based on reuniting immigrant families and attracting skilled labor


9. Student Nonviolent Coordinating Commitee

a group of students using sit down strikes to show their disagreement for unequal rights


10. Congress of Racial Equality

nonviolent Nonviolent civil rights organization founded in 1942 and committed to victory over fascism abroad and racism at home


11. Freedom Riders

Civil Rights Activists who tried to defy Jim Crow Laws and called for change


12. March on Washington 1963

thousands of people marched to Washington D.C. to show their support for equal rights and to hear MLK jr I have a dream speech


13. Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

1964, as an alternative to the dominantly white democratic party of Mississippi


14. Civil Rights Act 1964

A federal law that authorized federal action against segregation in public accommodations, public facilities, and employment.


15. Voting Rights Act 1965

prohibited prerequisites for people to vote


16. Watts Riot

group of violent disturbances in Watts, a largely black section of Los Angeles, in 1965. Over thirty people died in the Watts riots


17. Black Power Movement

grew out of Civil Rights Movement, marked a turning point of black white relations


18. Nation of Islam

a religious movement started in Detroit that followed Islam and had a great number of Black people


19. Malcolm X

Minister of the Nation of Islam, urged blacks to claim their rights by any means necessary


20. Alliance for Progress

1961 John F. Kennedy aimed to establish economic cooperation between the U.S. and Latin America.


21. Peace Corps

U.S. government agency that sends volunteers to help improve living standards in developing countries


22. Bay of Pigs

an unsuccessful invasion of Cuba by Cuban exiles, supported by the U.S. government.


23. Berlin Wall

In 1961, the Soviet Union built a high barrier to seal off their sector of Berlin in order to stop the flow of refugees out of the Soviet zone of Germany.


24. Cuban Missile Crisis

U.S.S.R. placing missiles in Cuba after the United States had placed and pointed missiles in Turkey


25. Vietminh

Vietnamese resistance group against outside influence


26. Ho Chi Minh

a Vietnamese Communist revolutionary leader who was prime minister and president of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam


27. Geneva Conference

purpose was to attempt to settle outstanding issues on the Korean Penninsula


28. Nikita Khrushchev

First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union following the death of Joseph Stalin 1958 to 1964 responsible for the De-Stalinization of the USSR


29. Ngo Dinh Diem

the first president of South Vietnam in the french retreat and wanted to create the republic of Vietnam


30. National Liberation Front

a political organization formed by the Vietcong in South Vietnam in 1960 to carry out an insurgent policy


31. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

two separate confrontation involving Vietnam and the United States on the Gulf of Tonkin


32. Ho Chi Minh Trail

logistical system that ran from the Democratic Republic of Vietnam to the Republic of Vietnam through the neighboring kingdoms of Laos and Cambodia


33. "Hearts and Minds"

a documentary about the Vietnam Conflict that was strongly impactful


34. Robert Kennedy

politician from Massachusetts. served as Senator for New York from 1965 until his assassination in 1968


35. Tet Offensive

a series of surprise attacks by the Vietcong on city squares and towns throughout South Vietnam


36. Democratic National Convention of 1968

Purpose was to elect a suitable nominee to run as the in the 1968 election. Riots broke out from Anti-Vietnam war protestors during the time of the convention. These riots turned into bloody battles after the Chicago police tried to stop the protesters


37. RFK and MLK assassinations

brother of JFK shot during the Campaign season for election shot after MLK was in Texas


38. Hubert Humphrey

38 vice president of U.S. under LBJ ran for president in 1968


39. George Wallace

pro-segregation governor of Alabama who ran for pres. in 1968 on American Independent Party ticket of segregation and law and order


40. Election of 1968

election between Hubert Humphrey and Richard M. Nixon with Nixon winning