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1. Gerald Ford

president of the United States after Richard Nixon, best known for pardoning Nixon


2. Jimmy Carter

president of the United States after Ford, seen as unfavorable and weak


3. "Malaise" Speech

Carter's speech in which he identified what he believed to be a "crisis of confidence" among the American people


4. Camp David Accords

Carter was the broker of these accords which were an attempt to bring peace to warring Israelia and Arabs


5. Iranian Revolution

an Islamic revolution to overthrown the current American supported Shah


6. Iranian Hostage Crisis

The 444 days in which American embassy workers were held captive by Iranian revolutionaries


7. Soviet Invasion of Afganistan

Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan led to placing an embargo on grain exports and the sale of high technology to the Soviet Union and boycotting the 1980 Olympics


8. Sunbelt

from Florida to California...warmer climates, lower taxes, and economic opportunities prompted families uprooted by the war to move to these areas.


9. Sagebrush Rebellion

mobilized conservative opposition to environmental laws and restrictions; members complained about the land owned by Government in West


10. Suburban Conservatism

appealed to a diverse assortment of Americans, including evangelical Christians; anti-tax crusaders; advocates of deregulation and smaller markets


11. Evangelical Christianity

stresses the importance of personal conversion and faith as the means of salvation


12. Moral Majority

was a political group made up of fundamentalist Christians. Although not it did not accomplish much, it did show MORALS


13. Christian Coalition

denounced abortion, divorce, feminism, homosexuality; defended unrestricted free enterprise, supported a strong America


14. New Right

opposition to conservative movement that emphasized thing like opposition to abortion


15. Ronald Reagan

Political darling of Republican conservatives who won landslide election victories in 19890 and 1984


16. Proposition 13

California tax cut proposition that cut taxes on farms by over fifty percent


17. Tax Revolt

revolts against high California tax rates that was ended with proposition 13


18. Reagan Revolution

advocated supply-side economics arguing that tax cuts reduced gov. spending, would increase investment by the private sector, and lead to increased production, jobs and prosperity


19. Neo-Conservatives

championed free market capitalism and questioned liberal welfare programs like welfare


20. Reaganomics

theory that investment incentives such as lowered federal spending and tax cuts will stimulate economic growth and increased employment.


21. Recession of 1982

economic downturn in the early 1980s that led to "Reaganomics"


22. Deregulation

lifting of restrictions on business, industry, and professional activities for which government rules had been established


23. Strategic Defense Initiative

"Star Wars" proposed the construction of an elaborate computer-controlled, anti-missile defense system capable of destroying enemy missiles


24. Reagan Doctrine

US support anywhere in the world to support anticommunist activity


25. Grenada, El Salvador

Grenada ousted a pro-Marxist govt; gave money and military help to military govt's in El Salvador with the help of the Reagan Doctrine


26. Beirut Bombing 1983

bomber crashed a bomb-filled truck into U.S. Marine barracks on October 23, 1983 killing over 200 marines


27. Terrorism

the psychological and physical effects on a country's government or people to make ones opinion known


28. Mikhail Gorbachev

Soviet President, essential to helping the U.S. and the Soviet Union end the Cold War


29. Perestrokia

reform of the Soviet economy to help the economy be more free-market like


30. glasnost

openness Soviet policy allowing the freedom to bring up social issues


31. Tiananmen Square

Thousands of students were massacred in this square for wanting a democracy in China


32. Iran-Contra Scandal

Americans were kidnapped by Iranian Government, so people in American government sold them arms illegally to receive the hostages


33. George H. W. Bush

defeated Saddam Hussein, was president when Berlin wall fell down, vice president under Reagan


34. Gulf War

U.S. invasion of Iraq to help sustain Kuwait, led to the United States becoming a superpower


35. Bill Clinton

was impeached, had an affair with Monica Lewinsky, made a surplus in the national budget