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1. Jamestown

The first English colony established in 1607 under went a starving period from 1609-1610 thrived off of tobacco


2. Virginia Company

A joint stock company created by James I to establish colonies in North America


3. John Smith

Captain who helped bring order and work to Jamestown and organized raids on the Indians


4. Plymouth plantation

Settled by the the Pilgrims who left England in search of religious freedom (Puritans)


5. Headright System

Land grants were given to people based on family size, if the paid for another's passage and their status.


6. Indentured Servants

People who agreed to work for a person for a set amount of time in exchange for land food and or passage over to the Americas


7. Royal Colony

A colony that was under direct rule from the monarchy of England


8. Proprietary Colony

A colony that was ruled over by a family that was given power to rule by the monarchy


9. Charter Colony

A colony that was given a land grant in the New World and was ruled over by Parliament


10. Bacon's Rebellion

Nathaniel Bacon was unhappy with the way he was being ruled and went in and took control for a little while


11. Mayflower Compact

Established a government and made the Pilgrims claim their allegiance to the king


12. Theocracy

A form of government in which the direct ruler is seen as a deity


13. John Winthrop

Helped to organized migration to the New World and he commanded and exploration of the New World


14. Roger Williams

A separatist who argued that Puritans should completely separate from the Church of England as well as from the state


15. Anne Hutchinson

A female preacher who claimed that she had divine revelation that many male preachers where fake


16. William Penn

Inherited a favor which was a land grant from Charles II that happened to be Pennsylvania


17. Massachusetts Bay colony

It was a colony that took up part of Massachusetts and the bay


18. William Bradford

The governor of Plymouth and a Separatist


19. Pequot War

Started in 1637 with Pequot Indians and Connecticut settlers in a competition with trading with Dutch


20. King Phillip's War

Started with an Indian uprising when Indians thought the only way to protect themselves with fire arms


21. Quakers

Nicknames for Puritans because they were supposed to quake at the name of god


22. New York Colony

James the duke of York was giving the land by his brother Charles II and took the land from the Dutch


23. Carolina Colonies

Originally was part of Virginia given by Charles II and had 8 politicians spilt eventually into two north and south


24. Pennsylvania Colony

Started by William penny and was a melting pot for culture and had peaceful trades with Indians