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1. Isolationism

the ideology by the United States that by staying away from European problems we would remain safe


2. Internationalism

the ideology that nations should cooperate with each other


3. Washington Naval Conference

a conference that stated that no country should be able to add to their naval power


4. Kellog-Briand Pact

a confrerence that stated that none of the nations would declare war on each other


5. Dawes Plan

an attempt to solve the reparation problem create by World War One


6. Benito Mussolini

an Italian fascist dictator who teamed up with Hitler in World War Two


7. Fascism

a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.


8. Adolf Hitler

leader of the National socialist party and was angered by the downtrodden economy in world war two


9. Nazis

members of Hitler's party who were angered by the reparations


10. Manchuria

part of China that the Japanese conquered after World War ONe


11. Reciprocal Trade Agreement Act 1934

reduced tariff level and trade cooperation with foreign powers


12. Good Neighbor Policy

United States attempt to try and right some of the wrongs created in Latin America because of them


13. Neutrality Act of 1935 -1937

prevent the United States to become involved in Foreign affairs


14. Sino-Japanese War

the War between Japan and China over control of Korea


15. Chiang Kai- Shek

president of China who refused to use his troops to try and help allied forces besides Japan


16. Mao Zedong

Chinese Communist leader: chairman of the People's Republic of China 1949–59; chairman of the Chinese Communist Party 1943–76.


17. Quarantine Speech

Speech by FDR that stated that the United States needed to Quaratine any nations who were seen as dangerous to the U.S.


18. Munich Conference 1938

the Allied attempt to appease Hitler to try and stop a war from happening


19. Appeasement

Hitler received parts of Czechoslovakia and part of the Rhine land in exchange for not conquering any more European territories


20. War of the Worlds

a story on the radio about an alien invasion taking over the United States


21. Cash and Carry

the US Policy that goods from the US could be sold for cash payment and no delivery service.


22. America First Committee

a political pressure group that during 1940–41 urged the U.S. not to oppose fascism in Europe or enter World War II


23. Wendell Wilkie

the republican nominee for the 1940 election


24. Lend-Lease

the US Policy that goods as well as firearms from the US could be sold for cash payment and no delivery service.


25. Atlantic Charter

a joint declaration By Churchill and Roosevelt provided US and British War Aims


26. Tripartite Pact

the pact between Germany, Italy and Japan in World War two to attack anyone that attack the others


27. Henry Stimson

secretary of war 1911–13, 1940–45 secretary of state 1929–33.


28. Pearl Harbor

December 7 ,1941 Japanese attacked the US naval base and killed over 1000 destroyed 6 boat but miraculously didn't destroy aircraft carriers